Top 7 Mental Health APP Ideas

Metal Health issues are increasing every year to a great extent. People from different parts of the world are dealing with a lot of stress, depression, and anxiety.

According to, 40 million adults in the United States of age 18 or above face anxiety disorder every year. Even though anxiety disorder can be easily treated, only 36.9% of people get proper treatment.

This indicates that there is a lot of room for improvement in the sector. Therefore, whether you are a physiatrist, doctor, health expert or entrepreneur looking forward to solving issues of people, then you can develop a mental health app.

The next question that might occur in your mind is, what kind of app should I develop?

Rest assured as here we will present some unique and innovative healthcare app ideas especially for the mental health industry.

1.   Voice-Story Sharing App

This app consists of a platform same as Instagram, but here people will be able to share their voice only, not their picture. It can have an ‘empathetic’ button which will count the total number of users that are listening.

The app can also enable users to enter incognito mode, chat with other people, Livestream and also take part in the community. Several times, people only want someone to listen to their feelings and thoughts.

This app can allow users to share anything they want without any hurdles such as stressing others, fear of being judged, and many more.

2.   Mood Shift App

As the name suggests, the app will allow a user to change their mood. In short, it will enable a user to remain in good mental shape. It will enable a user to track anxiety, depression and level of stress, by which the user will be able to understand his/her feelings in a better way.

Moreover, the app also consists of various videos and audios to help users understand multiple things in detail. The app will provide in-detail analysis about what affects a user’s mood and how he/she can change it.

Also, it allows a user to note how they feel about doing different things. For instance, if you are suspicious about a specific food affecting your mood, then the app will enable you to monitor it easily.

Lastly, the app will help anyone to identify the best treatment that works for them in a particular situation.

3.   Digital Coach App

One of the most innovative ideas in medical field is to develop a mental health coach app. The app will do the work of a coach, but digitally. It will provide clear & cut instruction about physical as well as mental health training exercises as per the user’s schedule.

This digital coach will help the user to stay humble during any trouble, countdown the activity time, provide some advice in the form of a blog, video, etc.

Basically, the app will be built using chatbot and voice technology. This chatbot will  guide the user as a companion in their life.

4.   On-Demand Mental Health Expert

Various people find it embarrassing to visit in-person a mental health expert. So, these people will be able to connect with mental health experts digitally.

Basically, you can connect patients with various therapists having expertise in different fields, such as cognitive behavioural therapy, mindfulness, psychodynamic, and much more.

With the help of this app, patients can connect with coaches for a nominal price at their schedule time. Basically, it will be a platform where patients can share their issues and get solutions from experts in real-time via audio and video calling.

Hence an on-demand mental health expert app is one of the best healthcare app ideas that you can consider in 2020 & beyond.

5.   Puns and Jokes game App

A jokes game app might look outdated; however, it can help to improve the mood upto some extent. This app might not allow a user to win, but it will bring more cherish instead of a feeling of conquest.

According to research published in the journal Brain and Behavior, humour can help to reduce negative reactions in people who are suffering from depression.

Hence, you can develop puns and jokes game apps to reduce stress and anxiety in the lives of people.

6.   Mental Exercise App

This app will provide random exercise each time a user opens the app. Moreover, the app records all the previous challenges and based on that it gives proper activities.

Several simple yet effective things that you can integrate while developing such an app can be 30-minutes walking, listening to a mesmerizing song, solving a puzzle, etc. that will help a user to analyze what’s happening in their life.

When you develop such an app, you will have to store a lot of data about a user. Also, you will have to include things like GPS, behavioural analytics and many more.

7.   Addiction Recovery App

Various people in the world are struggling to get out of a bad habit such as smoking, alcohol, drugs, sugar, etc. Hence, you can develop an app which helps people to get rid of a bad habit by providing various tips and tricks. You can add multiple figures and facts that can help users to quit their habit.

Additionally, you can also include a community feature where a user can connect with other people just like them. Here, users can motivate each other to quit a habit.

Wrapping it up

So, these were some of the best healthcare and medical applications ideas that you can consider while developing a mental health app. Also, you can propose your idea to a mental health app development company; they will build a next-gen mental health app as per your requirement.