3 Benefits of Working as a Freelancer

In the modern world of work, many people find that the standard 9-5 routine is not ideal. Working in an office and doing repetitive tasks such as answering a continuous flow of emails and planning routine projects can become mundane in quite a short period of time. In addition, many people find that a standard Monday-to-Friday working regime makes it hard to balance commitments outside of work, such as a home and family life. It is common for such employees to come home from work exhausted and simply want to relax on the couch with a ready meal to save time and energy. If this situation sounds familiar and you are looking to escape the routine of the 9-5 working world, then you may have already considered becoming a freelance worker. In this article, three unique benefits of working on a freelance basis will be explored in detail.

Work-life balance

One of the key reasons that many people choose freelance work is that it allows them to gain greater control over their work-life balance. This is a philosophy that aims for people to have enough free time to have an enjoyable and rewarding experience when they are outside working hours. It can be achieved by having the time to meet friends, undertake routine home-based activities without needing to rush or postpone and have the time to dedicate to pleasurable hobbies or pastimes. Freelance work is an excellent way to achieve a good work-life balance as you can stipulate the hours or days in which you want to work for many freelance positions. In addition, many freelance jobs can be undertaken remotely from your home office. This can make it easier to balance work commitments with personal and home responsibilities, as no time is lost through traveling to an office or place of work.

Jobs for drivers

Millions of people have a love of driving, and it is important to understand that several forms of freelance work are available that combine driving with earning a meaningful income. One prime example is undertaking shipping work on a freelance basis from sites like https://www.shiply.com/us/truck-loads. If you have your own van or truck which can transport larger loads, then it is possible to register with a shipping company that relies on freelance workers to fulfill delivery orders. The freelance worker simply needs to check an online jobs board for suitable loads and routes and then bid for the work. If you submit the winning bid, you will receive the job and fulfill the contract. Working on a freelance basis allows you to pick the jobs and locations that are suitable to your location and desired working hours.

Be your own boss

As a final point, freelance workers have the enviable bonus of essentially being their own boss. With complete control over the jobs or orders that you accept and the ability to set preferences for hours or days of working, you have complete control over your freelance schedule. Many people prefer this when compared to working for a line manager to who you may not particularly like or enjoy reporting. The freedom of setting your own working routine and not being micromanaged is one of the key benefits of freelance work. Freelance organizations typically ask that a task is done to a set standard and a pre-agreed time limit. How you organize and deliver the task is often completely up to you.