Write For Us

Write For Us

Thank you for your interest in writing for Tea Time Flip. We are always open to guest posts and sponsored post along with new contents from good writers. If you have got an idea that will challenge our readers and move our industry forward, we want to hear about it. We do not accept poorly written and poorly researched article with other mistakes we only accept unique and quality content.

What we are looking for

Keep in mind that we only accept original content means unique one, we do not publish anything that is been published elsewhere (including on your personal blog). We will review your submission and let you in while. You may submit or contribute your post at info@teatimeflip.com.

What we publish

The contributor whoever what submit your article or content they must follow given rules. Articles must have (800 – 1500 words). The article should be informative and useful, most relevant websitepages can be added.

  • Citations Any data or statistics in your article must contain hyperlinks to credible sources that where you need to publish.
  • Meta Description Your article should include 1-2 sentences of your keyword that you are article is about (around 255 characters).
  • Images:Must include an original image to be used as the featured image. Images sourced from a third-party source must be included with the appropriate attributions.
  • No Brand Promotions: We do not allow brand mentions in articles. If your article is geared towards driving SEO or promoting your business/service, we will not allow.

The topic would be related to IT, Business, Games, Technology, Education, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Finance, productivity, tools, Digital marketing, Marketing, Essay/academic paper/online college/research paper writing businesses, Apps and other most relevant to technology topics.

We also accept post on below given topics check it once.

  1. VoIP Communication
  2. Cloud Telephony Systems
  3. International Calling Apps
  4. Cloud-Based Services/Solutions
  5. SaaS (Software as a Service)
  6. Telecommunication
  7. Cloud strategy and adoption advice
  8. Call Center Software
  9. IT and Telecom Professionals
  10. Virtualization Considerations and New Technologies
  11. PBX Phone Systems
  12. Toll-Free Numbers
  13. VoIP DID Numbers

How to submit your content to us:

You can Email us your submission which is given here and we prefer submissions as Google document or doc file through given mail.

Guidelines for Authors

If you want to write for us and contribute any number of article in a month then you can send your details at info@teatimeflip.com along with proper title and keyword and image which need to be publish along with content.


  1. Our editorial team will undertake a thorough review of your submission/proposal to make sure it is original, well-written, and provides value to our readers and to make them easy.
  2. Tea Time Flip editors reserve the right to make any modifications, deletions, or corrections as they see fit.
  3. If your submitted article or proposal meets our editorial guidelines, you will receive the confirmation for the same within few days.
  4. Once the article is successfully published, it will be shared on our social media channels. You cannot re-publish the article on any channel elsewhere as per the guidelines.

Happy writing! We look forward to receiving your submissions at info@teatimeflip.com.