7 Unique Ways to celebrate Wedding anniversary for Lovebirds

Wedding anniversary is the celebration of enjoying togetherness of years. Wedding anniversary is an important occasion of couple’s life. Wedding anniversary is the time when couple speaks about their romantic bond in public. So here we give you some romantic wedding anniversary ideas to do and make wedding anniversary a memorable day of the year. We have tried our best to give you thoughtful activities to make marriage anniversary the happiest day of the year. You can create countless memories

1. Bake a romantic cake

Some gifts have no replacement and that is celebration cake. Cake cutting is a historical tradition since Victorian times. A mouthwatering cake becomes an important mean to spread joy and fun around the party time. Every anniversary you order cake online from stores. But here you can add some memories into this by baking a cake at home. Yes you and your partner both will get loads of fun by baking a cake together. Tell your partner to mix ingredients, give him your hand on his hand to know how to beat the cake better. Embrace him in cooking time to make the mood for romance. Purposely you give him romantic memories to cherish for the years to come.

2. Show your love with flower

Undeniably it is a tried and tested formula of gifting flowers on wedding anniversary. Red rose symbolized for love, care and affection. So most couples choose to take red roses heart shape or dozens of red roses bouquet for love one. But you can go beyond the tradition by giving her Bouquets of flowers in Brazil made with lots of seasonal flowers. You can ask to complete the bouquet with red carnations, sizzling orchids, exotic lilies, passionate tulips. There are so many types of romantic flowers arrangements available to say “you are the love of my life”.

3. Give a meaning gift

As the years pass by you get to know about her favorite things, her interest and her passion. your anniversary gift must match with her likings. For example she loves music you can personalize the CD of her favorite music albums. She loves cooking you can buy her a cooking set personalized in heart shape or name. She loves wearing fashion ornaments you can buy her a precious jewelry customized with her name. Well there are so many ideas available in online gift shop to send wedding anniversary gift online in Brazil.

4. Soft Toys to share feelings

Plush animals just not meant to bring smile on kid’s face. Now big sized teddy bears and plush animals help in sharing love sentiments. You want to show you care for her, offer her cute teddy bear printed I love you message. A soft plush toy would become her best friend when she feels lonely. It recreates the memories she passed with you. No matter you are living far from your wife, you can feel her existence by offering her a cute teddy bears on love day.

5. Arrange an ice cream date

You can create a midnight surprise by taking her to the romantic ice crème date. Yeah it’s a different idea to approach to her heart. As soon as the clock turns to 12 midnight, tell her to wake up and come with you. GO to an ice crème parlor tell the ice crème maker to hide a ring inside. She is enjoying ice crème but the ring inside the ice crème more happiness to celebrate the time. Then offer her a ring and say “Happy wedding anniversary my lovely wife”. It’s a great surprise she would never ever forget throughout her life.

6. Special Health Spa

A spa is the most comforting thing that help to make mood for romance. Instead planning for a big party just chills and relaxes the day in health spa. Book an advance placement for couple spa. A calming and soothing aroma therapy will help in recreating the special moments of wedding date in Brazil. Later on arrange a romantic candle light dinner at nearby restaurant. It sounds great both are happy from outside and inside. It makes their wedding anniversary moment the precious moment of life.

7. Just Be Together

You go for hiking or scuba diving, for hot air balloon ride or just strolling to beach station, just be with her all the time. Don’t leave her hand even for a second. Throughout the day complete her wish, tell her what she wants. You can also create some good memories by visiting the same place you both first met with each other. Every minute, every moment she spend with you become the treasure memories she will rejoice for the whole life.

Not all days are same some days are specially made to make love and romance. Anniversary day is an out of ordinary day help in getting closer in your relationship. You can show your love, care and affection using wedding anniversary gift ideas mentioned in this article. So this anniversary gives a try to apply some more love and romance. We have given beautiful tricks about how to make your partner feel most loved and cared during the whole day. It would definitely help you in tightening the bond of togetherness for the whole life.