Best Hotel Accounting Software – That’s ‘Cost Effective & Feature Rich’

Accounting in Hospitality Industry is an important asset for hoteliers in organizing finances and growing their business. Even managers make the best use of the financial information to make better decisions. Whereas accountants rely on it to make reports accurately.

So, accounting has be clear, precise to the requirements and easy to understand to run hotels smoothly and experience operating effectiveness.

ERP Accounting Software is what a hotelier needs, as it empowers the financial gathering, accountability and brings in automation of operation processes.

However, a tailored one within the cost-effective budget is hard to find. ‘Nimble Property’ is the best in this line-up as leverages feature-rich modules and intelligent insights, allows a hotelier to better visualize and utilize the data.

Never Compromise on the Quality 

It’s quite natural that human tendency inclines towards cost-effective solutions available, but one must think of “Is the service or solution is of top-notch quality?”

Driving towards accounting excellence in the hotel industry – Nimble Property is not just renowned for its cost-effectiveness but also delivering best-in-class features that act as a gateway to unleash the true potential of hotels.

Make Every Dollar Count

Manual way of recording transactions, tracking daily sales and analyzing profits prone to errors. But when it’s done with a software like Nimble Property – Every dollar counts in and nothing will be left behind!

Driving automation and integration of PMS, Banking, Vendor and Payroll Info this Hotel Accounting System does the job accurate, while giving control on the math.

Nimble – Owner friendly Best Accounting Software and Finances Analytical Software lets hoteliers,

  • Monitor all their hotels revenue at one place
  • Compare their budgets & do forecast revenue
  • Automates the Accounts Payable Processing
  • Access Business Analytics Dashboarding
  • Integrates PMS & automates daily sales

The Reports One Can Trust On

Not surprisingly, many hotels don’t rely on hotel accounting system to create reports, for which taxation blues and other discrepancies occur.

Nimble acknowledged for crafting hotel industry specific reports, allows accountants, managers as well as hoteliers access 60+ reports as or when required.

Main Reports & Statements in Nimble Property

  • Profit & Loss
  • Balance Sheet
  • General Ledger
  • Trial Balance
  • Intercompany
  • Daily Sales

Accounting in Hospitality Industry is a never ending game as the growth potential of portfolio is high. Starts with an individual hotel and ends up with a chain of hotels, hoteliers require a consolidated hotel accounting system to track and manage everything at one place.

An End to the Revenue Leakage

One of the research states that, 3 to 5 percent of the annual revenue goes down the drain scoring millions of dollars every year because of unnoticed leakage.

Hoteliers need the right and best hotel accounting software to mitigate the revenue leakage forever.

On a regular basis, the accountants and hotel managers deal with hundreds to thousands of financial documents that involve amendments and adjustments.

Most of them go unnoticed as multiple systems would be attached to the process across the hotel. Even removing the duplicate entries become stressful.

Nimble Property’s accounting system aggregates the entire cash flow data accurately, letting hoteliers access the key information and never goes buried.

Seamless Functionality, Usability & Support

Aforementioned as the key attributes that refers to a remarkable performance in a software subscription.

Providing Hassle-Free Accounting Services for Hotels – Nimble Property comes up with a valuable collection of features and functionality, ease-to-use interface navigable from anywhere at any time.

Personalize preferences wise, the customization is effortlessly done and comes with no hidden software maintenance and upgrade charges.

Everything is covered in the subscription, including the prompt customer support and proactive team of experts to guide.

Running HOTEL CHAIN Profitably

Managing multiple hotels at one place is never easy! Nimble Property enables single login for hoteliers, letting them manage their entire portfolio on a single screen access.

Just within few clicks, users can get an overview on their bank balance, room occupancy. RevPar, ADR, Aging AP & AR Info, Checks to be printed – Everything at a glance.

The reporting structure is exclusively made for multi-property owners, who can generate combine financial statements and accounting reports to run hotels swiftly.

Final Thoughts

Practicing top class accounting lets hoteliers gain deep insights into their financial status and know what’s going on within the business. Better decisions can be made and great outcomes are achieved, while saving lot of time, efforts and money. The cash flow tracking becomes easy and transactions can be recorded with ease.

So, it becomes really easy to plan and forecast for future hotel needs, serve guests better and enhance their returns.

The tremendous burden of managing daily activities come to an end and precious time of resources can be preserved, which can be invested productively in maximizing earnings.

In order to flourish in the dynamic hospitality industry, as a hotelier one must go for an accounting software or a system that’s actually feature rich and cost-effective.

Get in touch with Nimble Property and fix a demo to know how it can make a difference in your accounting.