Recover XLS Files from Windows for Free

Microsoft Excel (.xls) files are widely used by organizations as well as individuals to organize, analyze, and store data in the form of tables. These files store your important data which you could not afford to lose.

However, sometimes, these XLS files get lost or deleted from your system or any other storage device. Although you might feel helpless, there are so many ways to recover XLS files. The best way to recover lost XLS files from the Windows system is by using free data recovery software.

Ways to Recover XLS Files from Windows for Free

Here are some ways to recover XLS files for free:

  1. Recover Deleted XLS File from Recycle Bin

The best part of the deletion from a Windows system is that all the data goes right into the Recycle Bin, which keeps such data for the next 30 days. Also, recovering data from the Recycle Bin is very easy as the user just has to right-click on the file in the Recycle Bin and select ‘Restore’ from the options.

However, if it has been more than 30 days since the file was deleted or the file was deleted using the ‘Shift + Delete’ command, then it is not possible to recover deleted files from Recycle Bin.

  1. Recover Unsaved Microsoft Excel Files

There are chances that the Excel file may get closed, for any reason, before saving the fresh changes. These unsaved files could be easily recovered by using the ‘Recover Unsaved Workbooks’ option in the Microsoft Excel file.

Also, use a new name to save such files so that these files could be easily accessed in the future.

  1. Recover an Updated Microsoft Excel File

At times, it happens that while editing a Microsoft Excel sheet it could not be saved for some reason. You will be glad to know that such files can be recovered very easily. You just need to do is find the version you wish to restore in the ‘Document Recovery’.

Do not forget to save the files with a new name in order to ensure data safety.

  1. Recover XLS Files using Free Data Recovery Software

If nothing works, then the only option is to use a data recovery software that works as XLS recovery tool.

One such amazing software is Stellar Data Recovery for Windows you can use to not only recover Microsoft Excel files but also all kinds of file types.

If the Excel file could have been deleted, corrupted, overwritten, left unsaved, or anything, Stellar Data Recovery is a perfectly reliable software that can recover the Microsoft Excel files.

Not only is this, but the software is also capable of recovering other files of different formats too. So, you can be assured of getting your emails, word files, photos, videos, audios and everything back from the black hole of data loss with Stellar Data Recovery Software.


In case you lose one of the most important files, such as Microsoft Excel Sheets, you can easily recover them by using the above-mentioned methods. I also want to remind you that if no method works and you start losing hope for XLS corrupted file recovery, Stellar Data Recovery Software for Windows can help you in such situations.

Adding to that, not only you can recover lost Excel files by using the software but also various other file formats and extensions.