3 Pros and Cons of Open Source Payroll Software: Should You Go Commercial?


When it comes to payroll software, you have two choices. You either opt for a standard commercial package, or you can choose to use an open-source solution. There are pros and cons to each, but today we’re going to focus on open source and what it can and can’t bring to your business, helping you to make your final decision and the best investment possible.

Pro – It’s Affordable

There’s no doubt about it, open-source software is very affordable, and in a lot of cases, it can even be free. When you’re a small business, or you’re limited in some way on how much you can invest, an open-source solution can be a handy way to move forward.

Con – Can Be Difficult to Use

Unless you’ve got someone who’s capable of managing your open-source software, you may find it problematic to use. Commercial payroll software India solutions have usually invested in a UI design that makes it easy to use the features you’re looking for, but open-source programs may not have that luxury due to how customisable they can be.

Pro – Security is Paramount

Open-source applications tend to be very secure. Just look at WordPress as an example. If opting to go the open-source route, make sure you’re looking for an open-source application that offers a layer of security that keeps everyone’s data safe.

Con – Lack of Support

Typically with open-sourced software, after you start using it, there’s not really any kind of after-sale support, especially the kind you would get with a commercial solution. This means if you’re experiencing problems, you either need to read forums, ask experts, or figure it out for yourself, which may not be easy.

Pro – Community Backed

With open-sourced software, there is usually a community of people who are also using the same systems, which can be a fantastic asset for your business to have. This means you’ll have access to help from others, stories of experiences from other users you can learn from, and insights where possible.

Con – Abandonment

Sometimes, a creator or main production team of an open-source software application can abandon it, leading to software death. This is where the software is no longer managed, maintained, or updated, meaning you’ll either need to keep using outdated systems or find a new one, which is more than a hassle.


As you can see, there are pros and cons to consider when choosing your payroll system. While there are benefits if you’re looking for an easy solution that gets the job done and is little hassle, go for a commercial option. If you have a little more time to invest but limited money, then it could be worth going for open source.