Top 5 Online Video Makers for eCommerce in 2021

Video advertising plays a significant role in building and improving eCommerce. It enables businesses to build relationships with their clients and promote their brand to make customers attached. With online video maker, it’s becoming easier than ever to create an engaging video to capture customers’ attention.

You may see adverts and promo videos and instantly place a price tag on them, terming them extremely expensive. However, there are free video maker software to help you build one at no cost. Thus, instead of worrying about the price, you can focus your energy on getting quality content for your videos. Here are the five Online Video Maker tools that can boost your eCommerce game in 2021.


This platform offers a wide variety of options for video makers seeking to make an outstanding and catchy video. With more than 2500 templates, you have so many options to create your video. Whether you want to make a promotion ad, social media, or product launching, this is the right tool for you. With Promo, you can explore more and have your team develop unique products that capture your audience’s attention.

Promo also has three payment plans giving you the flexibility on using your budget. Furthermore, Promo has partnerships with brands such as Shutterstock and Getty to give you access to high-quality stock videos.


Moovly is an excellent video maker with crucial features that allow you to bring personalized services to your client. This video maker has a text to speech function and white labeling, helping you make videos that focus on promoting your brand. One great feature about the tool is its ability to form a template that you can then use to send to your email list. It gives you a chance to make personalized messages directly to your customers.

Moovly has a free plan so you can try it out before committing to the paid options.


The headliner is an ideal video maker due to its free plan and affordable options that start from 12.95 dollars a month. The price makes it one of the cheapest online video maker platforms. It is unique for its ability to support longer videos, making it ideal for creating content for sites such as YouTube.

Due to its support for long videos, it is a great tool for eCommerce. For example, real estate agents who need to showcase houses and take potential buyers through a tour, or businesses to introduce a product or explain more about a product. Headliner has three easy steps: upload videos, edit and publish, making it user-friendly for individuals with little video-making skills.


Offer is an ideal video maker for businesses with a tight budget. Its free plan offers you access to various themes, music, and templates enabling you to make professional videos for the target audience. The free plan is one of the best in the market for what it brings you. If you want to make competitive videos that use animation and need licensed background music for the videos, this is your best choice.


Animaker allows individuals in eCommerce to create eye-catching animated videos. The ability to make animated videos provides a unique edge to reach your audience. Furthermore, the tool helps you to easily create great Live videos with its easy drag and drop option. 

Animaker’s library also provides you with a wide variety of videos, photos, and templates that you can choose to make a video that represents your brand. Although it has a free plan, the paid deal starts at 19 dollars a month will enable you to remove its watermark.


The use of video is vital in eCommerce as it enables you to connect better with your clients. Thus, you should invest in an online video maker to ensure you are not left out and provide an opportunity to grow your brand. Consider this list when shopping for your next video maker.