PDFBear’s Excel to PDF Converter: Things You Should Know

When we think about a reliable way of converting our Excel files to a PDF file format, only one tool pops into our minds PDFBear. There’s no doubt that we can rely on PDFBear since it is one of the most reliable and fastest ways of converting any file format to your desired file format.

PDFBear’s Excel to PDF Converter

If you have no idea what PDFBear is, then you are in luck! PDFBear is a free web-based online converter tool that offers a wide array of file formats that you can choose from, and it is all for free. Though, PDFBear also offers a paid subscription called the PDFBear PRO that removes the limitation of a free version. Here are some things you would want to know about PDFBear:

Universal Accessibility

PDFBear is flexible enough to not be bound to a single device or operating system. PDFBear is compatible and fully optimized to be used on any device like an Android smartphone, laptops, PCs, iPhones, or tablets. You name it, PDFBear has it! PDFBear also works on all known operating systems such as Linux, Windows, or Mac. In short, you don’t have to think whether your device is compatible or is supported by PDFBear anymore.

Additionally, PDFBear can be accessed through their website anytime and anywhere you are, given that you have a reliable internet connection. Who doesn’t have mobile data nowadays anyway? With just your smartphone, you can easily convert your Excel to PDF, even if you’re at school, at home, or work.

The best part of it is you don’t have to download or install anything on your device, which makes PDFBear a handy software to know if you’re always converting multiple files each day. If you want to convert other file formats such as Word, HTML, and JPG, they have it. You can also merge, split, add page numbers, add watermark, repair, or password protect your PDF files with PDFBear.

Top of the Line Security

Of course, you may want to know whether all the files you have uploaded are safe in PDFBear’s systems. Yes, they are safe with their newest security technology, the 256-BIT SSL Encryption Technology, which would guarantee all your files’ safety and security. PDFBear’s security system will prevent all types of cybercriminals or hackers from ever accessing your files.

PDFBear also permanently deletes all the files you have uploaded after an hour to prevent your files from falling into the wrong hands. They always make sure that your files are protected and keep it from falling into the wrong hands because they know that your files may contain some sensitive information that you don’t want other people to access.

Friendly Excel Conversion Tool

Suppose you have tried other online converter tools in converting your Excel files to PDF before, not with PDFBear. They make sure to make it as simple and easy as humanly possible that even new users wouldn’t encounter any mishaps or problems. They assure you that converting your files from XLS format to PDF in just a matter of seconds regardless of how many or how big the file is.

They also give you the option to save it on your cloud storage like Dropbox or Google Drive if you don’t have any space left on your storage devices. You can also choose to convert your files in the cloud and work from anywhere. We are sure that you would want your files to be converted into a high-quality PDF file, right? PDFBear makes sure that your newly converted PDF file will look just like your Excel file before converting.


Well, there you have it! Are you convinced that PDFBear is the next best decision you will make today? If not, why not try it out for yourself and try converting your Excel files to PDF with PDFBear.