What is a Spam Score and How to Reduce a Spam Score

Everyone is indulged in publishing blogs for earning the name, fame, publicity for their product or for his or her own personal branding. As blogging is getting amazing publicity as also in terms of generating sales for organizations and individuals however for achieving a high ranking they have to step on another person’s door for having a do-follow link. But is it worthy to publish a guest post on anyone’s website? No, it depends on consideration while making plans to get a backlink from someone’s website. Because the spam score rating might also damage all your performance even if you are ranking better at the SERP page.

What is a Spam Score and How to Reduce a Spam Score

Let’s dwell in the story of one of my friends who’s working as an accountant in a company. Meanwhile, he is handling a blog wherein he normally publishes technicalities of Softwares like Quickbooks, SAP and lots of others. And he is also fond of writing visitor blogs on other accounting websites to earn a few exposures in his domain but he is not aware of spam scores that may damage all his ratings. Let’s assist him to understand what the spam score is all about.

Here below this, we have defined the unique matrices of a spam score in the SEO industry.

A Brief on The Spam Score

The spam score is a metric that is developed by Moz that indicates to predict the trustworthiness of the site. Mainly there are 27 factors on which hundreds of thousands of web sites are getting banned or penalized. But Moz strictly says that those metric or rating does not say that the website having low rating means that the website is spammy.

Spam Rating Breakdown

There are three breakdowns that help to recognize the level of the spam score. As on this if an internet site is having 30% or much less than that the website unsolicited mail rating is low. Where if a website is having between 30-60% of the spam score than it’s far called a moderate level of unsolicited mail score and if it’s far extra than 60% it is meant as an excessive degree of spam score.

Different metrics on which these are judged

  1. A limited range of pages- If a website is having a constrained number of pages on their internet site then that is a signal of spammy website. As the spammy websites majorly have a constrained number of pages but this doesn’t mean that each one website having a low wide variety of web pages must be spammy.

As for example, you may see the Backlinko internet site who’s having the only three web pages however has a no spam score in preference to that it’s far having sixty-six DA so we can say that it isn’t always mandatory however all spammy websites have low pages.

  1. TLD correlation- This also can be assumed as the greatest thing if the domain extension appears spammy. As many websites use the extensions that aren’t a lot popular, this is the simplest intended for manipulation.
  2. Length of a domain name- Having an area called excessively long then it’s also a signal of a spammy internet site. As before time back, people normally buy the domain name this is typically lengthy and satisfying a single query due to which these sorts of web sites appear extra spammy and typically get penalized by using google.
  3. Domain name with numeric- This kind of website also appears spammy when a single website is the usage of numeric in their domain name.
  4. Lack of google font API inside the domain name– This is also one factor that is used to judge the spam rating when a website is not using the Google API fonts to appear a little bit one of a kind than others.
  5. Not having any contact information- When a website isn’t having any type of contact information on their webpage then it is a sign of spammy internet site.
  6. Not having a double click ad tag- When a website is missing to have a double click ad tag which is usually found in all sites.
  7. Google tag manager- Google tag manager is found in all the high valued internet sites but in case you see a spammy website than typically, these websites do not have google tag manager.
  8. No supporting email address- Spammy websites do not have any form of email support for any guide.
  9. Default to https- This is also a demonstration of spammy websites that they never consider spending their bucks in SSL certificate, in which https is a great sign of trustworthiness.
  10. Use of meta key phrases- Pages that use meta key phrases unnaturally in their web site is likewise a signal of a spammy internet site.
  11. Length of the title and description- Pages with very long and brief titles and outlines are more associated with spammy websites.
  12. Jumpshot rank- Having a low bounce shot rating is also a matter of the spammy website.
  13. External links- When an internet site is having very abnormally high fine hyperlinks or low-pleasant links is also a terrific indicator of a spammy internet site.
  14. Lack of Facebook pixels- When an internet site isn’t having a tracking pixel on their website then the internet site somehow seems spammy.
  15. Linking domains– When a website is having a large wide variety of excessive authority websites linking to it then., it seems spammy.
  16. Multiple links to single content material- When an internet site is having multiple pointing domain names then it appears spammy in nature.
  17. Use of excessive CPC anchor textual content- This is generally utilized by the spammy internet site that they post visitor posts with anchor text on other web sites which can be having very lots of high CPC.
  18. URL length- Generally the web sites which might be having very long URLs appear spammy.

Here I have mentioned the one’s points which are having very tons have an effect on your website.

How to care about spam score?

This is a matter of any website owner than what to do while you are caught with any of the above-given points. If your website comes below any of these metrics then it is not to be a matter of having tensed as these metrics are simplest developed on the premise of correlation you want not to trade any of the coverage of link building. These metrics are only for those who had been penalized.

What if another internet site is having an excessive score? The same scenario stands here as it’s far surely based totally on correlation however earlier than taking any inbound backlink you must be cautious.


Here you have done complete scrutiny what spam score rating. Is all about but don’t think all as a thumb of rule and determine after doing an awesome activity of investigation. And for guest posting. you must best see the relevance of the content and then also it ought to have a low spam score ranging among 1-30% best. This is the finest metric at the time while asking for guest posts.