Currency Farming Methods in Path of Exile

Many of Path of Exile’s activities are willing to reward you with vast currency.

Farming PoE currency can be a very effective move if you want to enhance your Path of Exile experience. With more currency breeds more opportunity to really get the most out of the game. We have the added advantage here of there being a number of ways in which we can farm this currency. This article will be going over some of these methods of how to make bank in the highly regarded ARPG.

Selling PoE Items

There are many different features in Path of Exile that are unique when comparing them to other titles in the same genre. This ranges from the use of leagues, mapping and the way in which currency works. However, one that stands out in particular is the trading aspect. Or rather, the lack of it when you are comparing it to other RPGs.

Though it might not offer a typical way of trading in such a game, there is still ways in which you can buy and sell items with other players. One such way is through the use of PoE Trade. This will give you the opportunity to get a good price for your unwanted items. After all, selling to vendors isn’t likely to get you the desired price that you are looking for.

Selling items is your best way to make PoE currency if you want to farm it. By selling to other players for currency items, we can start to make the kind of currency numbers that we are looking for. Though an item may be of little use to you, someone else who is looking for a certain item for their build will be more than willing to part with their currency for it.

Before we can start selling items, we’re going to need to get ourselves a premium stash tab. This is available via the PoE shop for a price of 40 points. The alternative is to upgrade your stash tab to premium, for a price of 15 points. After you have done so, you can then start selling your items. PoE Trade is a good place for you to get ideas of what prices you should be selling at.

Chaos Orbs

The Chaos Orb may not seemingly have the value of an Exalted Orb at first, but there is a recipe for the Chaos Orb that will be very effective later on. The time in which you can start using this recipe is at Act 9, where the area level will surpass level 60. Not only that, but there will be higher levels of items being dropped at this point too. You can then start collecting rare items in these areas and selling them on.

Using a Drop Filter

There are many different techniques that you can use to make currency when playing Path of Exile. Some might say that you could earn more Exalted Orb and other valuable currency by entering into trades with your fellow players. That said, the currency that you get from trading has to come from somewhere, and more often than not it’s from monster killing.

As you have probably noticed yourself, there are many, many monsters there to be killed. This is an activity in which players are constantly engaged in. Whether they are doing so to farm certain items by killing particular enemies, or they are trying to complete challenges to earn achievements that involve slaying a number of monsters. Whatever the reason is, there is currency that is constantly being made from activities like this, meaning that it is something that we should certainly be capitalising on.

To then improve the efficiency of the loot collecting method, you can find a variety of item filters online that will help you determine what is worth picking up. The drops that come from monster kills can be highlighted to show you what their rarity and value is, whilst even avoiding highlighting items that aren’t worth picking up. This is a great time saving method for you to use, as you won’t be wasting it picking up items that aren’t worth much, therefore you’re using your time to make more currency.

With the likes of selling on PoE Trade and using particular features, you will be adding plenty to your PoE currency stash in short time. Many activities reward you with currency in Path of Exile, and these are just a few in which you can eventually make it rich.

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