Best 3D Mice for Those Who Work With Graphics

The best 3D mice for those who work with graphics but also for playing

best 3D mice for those who work with graphics

The 3D mouse is the new revolutionary product useful for those using design programs or CAD. Ingengneri, Architects, Surveyors who were using tablets , but also graphics enthusiasts in three dimensions or gaming enthusiasts now have an easy time with these devices (there they are also mice for specific video games ).

They are compatible with the best software such as Maya, 3ds Max, Google Earth, Second Life, Cinema 4D, AutoCAD, Light wave . The most famous house that makes them is undoubtedly 3DConnexion, the rib company of Logitech.

They can be connected to mini desktops, laptops, PCs or Macs.

In the catalog there are many types of models that are usually placed next to a normal mouse, but there are also “standalone” ones. With one hand, the left hand, we use the 3D one, with the other the classic with wire.  Space navigatoris the basic model, wireless, the cheapest one, around 130 euros . It is suitable for professionals but also for those who approach the 3D world using for example free software such as Blender and Google Sketch up . It also facilitates work on 2D programs such as Photoshop. At the beginning it is not easy to use it simultaneously with the mouse, Space navigator with the left, mouse with the right, but after a while it will become indispensable.

Space pilot

is the model for professionals. The wheel of this wireless 3d mouse can be pulled, tilted, rotated to have full control of the 3D object. The first thing you notice is the design. It has an LCD display with which you can set certain parameters and subsequently its heaviness. It is used with the left hand and is incredibly configurable. The learning of its use is not rapid, but the product needs time to be appreciated in the fullness of its many functions. It costs just under 400 Dollar.

Cad Mouse, on the

Other hand is a mouse that can be used alone, with the right hand (left for left-handers). It integrates a laser sensor with an accuracy of 8,200 dpi with a position reading frequency adjustable between 125 and 1,000 Hz. Excellent mouse for cad, and also one of the best mice for working.

The wheel is large, wide and rubberized and the size and weight of the object are impressive (measuring 128 x 80 x 44 millimeters for 130 grams. In the middle of the usual left and right keys there is a central key , to be used alternatively to that of the wheel and much more comfortable to press.

Two left side buttons (for the thumb) are used by default for zooming (with Cad software) or for scrolling the browser history. A central button before the wheel makes a four-segment radial menu appear by default, for quick access to as many frequently used functions. The items in the menu change according to the active program and can be customized. Thanks to the 3DxWare 10 driver it is possible not only to set the basic parameters of the mouse but also to customize four of the seven buttons.

Each one can be assigned a keyboard command, a macro, a function key and so on. These settings are specific to each application.
The movements of this mouse are very precise, the scrolling is excellent and the keys provide perfect feedback. The positive picture is completed by the possibility of programming part of the keys, ideal for speeding up the activation of the most frequently used functions.

The Best 7 Vertical Mice for Each Hand: from its Therapeutic use to Gaming

The best vertical mouse is normally used for therapeutic use: many people have asked me how to resolve pains deriving from carpal tunnel syndrome or tendonitis.

If you are also in this situation or are afraid that long hours in front of the computer (whether for work or for fun) may cause you pain, I will give you the same advice I gave to my friends: Try a vertical model.

These types of devices have an ergonomically advantageous shape to help you with your wrist pain. These tools, suitable for left and non-left-handed people, allow you to rest your wrist, avoiding years of physiotherapy.

I understand how difficult it can be to get used to a new tool and that’s why I recommend seeing if a vertical model is perfect for you

There are amazing guide of best review of Best gaming Mice.

before making an important purchase. Remember, however, that many government offices and do not already use this type of mouse in order to give their employees a better quality of work.

What is the best vertical mouse?

In the list that I created, you will be able to see different vertical models: from the wireless vertical mouse to the vertical gaming mouse you will find various options that will help you use your computer correctly with an ergonomic and performing tool.

At the beginning these vertical devices had a trackball for moving the pointer but it is an outdated method and now all good quality mice use infrared.

Despite the various opinions that you can see on the net, I feel like giving you some advice derived from my personal experience: buy a vertical model.

Below we present the best vertical mice:

1. ADJ shark mouse USB

This vertical orientation device ensures correct finger and arm position during hours and hours in front of the computer.

With a resolution of 1600 DPI, a 1500 mm cable and a very resistant rubber coating, it is normally the favorite of companies looking for a good product at an advantageous price.

Whether you have had a wrist fracture or muscle pain from epicondylitis , this model will allow you to rest your whole arm.

One note: the movement of the pointer is done more with the arm than with the hand and it takes a little time to get used to it and acquire better precision. For this reason I recommend setting the PPE to a minimum.

2. Ergonomic TeckNet 2.4G mouse

Many vertical devices have a Wifi function: the Tecknet 2.4G is however a nonplusultra of the vertical models of this category.

With a very good price, an ergonomic “handshake” design that allows less effort, a USB nano receiver, the speed setting, its plug and play capability and an automatic point shutdown function, this tool will allow you to have a safe and precise experience with long battery life.

I recommend it especially for those looking for a model to test and that costs little. It must be said, moreover, that it has 5 keys that will allow a customization of the experience for needs more functions.

3. Perimice-513 Prefix ergonomic wire mouse

Perixx offers two versions of this little gem: a wire version, in case you work in an office, or a wireless version.

It has a very good rubber coating, a speed that reaches up to 2000 DPI of optical resolution and 5 buttons to be able to customize the user experience.

This model has a very good reactivity but you will need some time to get used to it and it will immediately be able to soothe the pain in the joints.

Important note: don’t worry if you don’t see the classic red light at the bottom of the device, this Perixx doesn’t produce any light for mouse movement.