What are The Best Affiliate Marketing Platforms

Dozens of different tactics can be used to boost your online business. If you’re receiving high quality traffics from all around the globe, it’s probably an opportunity for you to make a massive amount of money. Most people are using ad networks to make money online. But the reality is that they’re losing their valuable traffic and providing business to advertisers who’re posting ads on their website.

What I personally believe is the proper use of the audience can be done by affiliate marketing. Conexa is a great place for affiliate marketing resources. For that first, we need to study what actual affiliate marketing is? You must have heard the term broker. Somehow both these things are the same. You apply or subscribe for an affiliate program,  you have done sales under that affiliate program and you earn your commission, that’s it.

This is not this simple, as you move deeper, you need to be more careful with its inner layer. These layers can be like:

  • How to find the right affiliate program
  • Advertisements of that affiliate program
  • Proper use of the audience.
  • Right Placement of the affiliate program.

All these things should be handled carefully. You need to do a thorough study because affiliate marketing is not a game of luck, yes somehow you can say but it surely demands proper preparation, proper setup first. According to technical terminology, affiliate marketing is a process of making money by doing sales of other’s products.

In affiliate marketing network, you can choose these two positions: become a merchant and become an affiliate marketer.

For becoming a merchant, the overall picture describes that you need to set up a complete empire from picking up new products to doing its ads. In this article, I have covered different platforms for becoming an affiliate marketer. First, you need to start doing the analysis of different products before applying for an affiliate program. After finding a good product, start doing its promotion on your blog, social media or at any other platform.

List of Affiliate Marketing Platform:

There are numbers of affiliate platforms available on the internet and in this article, we are going to lighten some of the best affiliate platforms that can increase your earnings wisely so without wasting time let’s start with the best one

1. Amazon Affiliate

Amazon Affiliate is also known as Amazon Associate, one of the leading affiliate programs available on the internet which is available for both bloggers as well as the website owners. It’s very simple to be a part of Amazon associate. All you need is a website or a blog to start from.

There are thousands of websites which use amazon associate as a medium to do affiliate and talking about the commission then, amazon offers up to 10% of the actual cost of the product as a commission to the sellers. The minimum percentage that amazon offer is 1% on products such as video game consoles and video games.

It’s quite simple, to begin with, Amazon affiliate. All you need is a website or a blog, to begin with. The next step is to sign up for the amazon associate and create your profile. Once you did it, select the product that you want to sell and create its affiliate links and start promoting them on your website and on every sale you’ll get your commission as a reward from Amazon associate.

2. Clickbank

Click bank is e-commerce as well as an Affiliate program as well. There are millions of vendors using the CB platform for selling their products, plus thousands of website owners and bloggers which use the Clickbank as the foremost source of affiliation.

Talking about the commission rate, though the commission is not fixed it depends upon the vendor’s set price, which might be from 1% to 75% depending on the product. It’s totally free to be a Clickbank affiliate marketer. The only thing you need is a website where you can do the promotion work and make money on Clickbank.

To do click bank affiliates the process is the same as of Amazon associate, creating the Clickbank account and complete the signing up process, making a selection of the product which you might want to sell, thousands of product to choose from, select the most appropriate one out of the list, generating the affiliate link of the products you chose and promote those links, at last, to make sales and earning profit.

3. Shareasale

One of the largest and oldest business platforms running for over 20 years. Begin its journey in the year 2000, and became quite popular among the marketer to add up the affiliate programs, millions of products to begin with.

It’s free to create an affiliate account, once you complete the signup process it would take one- to- two days for approving your account for the affiliate. Once approval is completed you can begin with the affiliating part.

As a web page is mandatory to do affiliating marketing, here also for promoting the product you must have a website or a blog to start the promotion with. The further process is the same as that of amazon associate or ClickBank which is selecting the desired product and generating its affiliate link and promoting it on your website.

Plus Points of affiliate marketing:

  • You always get a fixed amount of commission after doing a successful sale. There is no double tap here, if your commission is $5, then you will definitely get $5 after a successful sale.
  • As it is a completely online system, that’s why it is trackable. End of the day you can analyze what you have done and what you have to achieve. So, to run a successful affiliate program you need to keep track of your activities.
  • On the Internet, currently, many affiliate program based sites are available. By using these sites, you can easily get connected with many merchants. Different stats and metrics of products related to sales are available, so that you could find the best product for the affiliate program.


As this article is based on affiliate marketing, that’s why we have started with its definition, feature the best affiliate platforms and sum up the article with its features. At the starting of this article, I have mentioned that you need to do a deep study of affiliate marketing, so this article is not a complete course of affiliate marketing, this is just an introduction. And you will never get complete knowledge of affiliate marketing in one place. The simple trick is just to keep yourself updated regarding affiliate marketing.

So, with these words, I am concluding this article. Hope you enjoy this presentation.

Rohit Mahant