Tips on Traveling With a 3 Month Old by Car

Traveling with children is not an easy task especially when they are just a few months old. A 3-month old baby is not easy to handle while traveling. But you cannot stop your road trips. From going to relatives to meet them or to Grandma’s house for the weekends, car trips cannot be denied. If the drive is of a few hours you need extra care and precautions.

Not all the kids are the same. They have different interests and different sleep timings. Just keep in mind that and they won’t bother you at any time of the trip. New moms mostly are a bit anxious about road trips and traveling with their kids. All I want to tell them is that no one can ever have a perfect trip with their babies. The more you’ll experience the more you’ll get used to it. Besides that, I have gathered some things for you to read and remember as a help from my side.

Age for Babies to Travel by Car

There is not a specific age for babies to travel unlike all the things you may have heard. It can range anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks. Honestly, that all depends on your baby’s health and medical conditions. As soon as your baby is all healthy, consult your doctor and plan out your road trip. Keep your health in mind too. Don’t rush on traveling soon after birth as it may not be good for both of you.

Guide for Going on a Road Trip with an Infant

Here’s a little guide for you if you’re anxious about the road trip you’re about to go to with your infant. I’ll suggest you to keep calm and just plan everything with ease.

Plan the Trip Wisely

Planning a trip is a huge thing. The efforts that go into planning cannot be neglected but they’d be of no use if you haven’t done it wisely. Only take things that you want. If you ask me the most important things are not clothes but the pacifiers, toys and the breast machine. Believe me, these will add to your convenience. Also, if your baby is used to sleeping in his bed or swing, take that with. I’m not even kidding because it becomes very difficult to make him sleep in just a car seat.

Take Breaks

I cannot stress this thing enough. Taking breaks after short periods of time will prove to be great for both the baby and the parents. After every 2 hours take a toilet-break or just a casual break to rest and chill. This way your baby will not get sick and cranky of being in the car for hours.

Comfortable Car Safety Seats

You should have the best car seat that is comfortable and safe. If the car is too big or small or the harness is too tight the baby wouldn’t be able to enjoy the drive and so as you. Make sure to take the best car seat for newborns. Accessories also help like the attached toys and stuff.

Packing an Emergency Kit

Emergencies can pop up anytime and anywhere even in your car. Babies create a lot of mess and the one who have to deal with it is you. You don’t want to embarrassed when your kid through up or spill the milk in your car and you don’t have anything to clean it up. Even if the trip is of a few hours, there are chances that your child may get sick being in the car and throw up. I would suggest you to pack an emergency kit in case you need to do any of the cleaning in the car. Make sure to include:

  • Some Diapers
  • A couple of towels
  • Baby wipes that you use
  • Sanitizer
  • A bottle of regular water
  • An extra pair of clothing
  • A Zip-lock Bag
  • Some bags for Trash

Play Music

Music can prove to be very helpful in pacifying you baby’s mood. Make sure you have a variety of different tunes available. Just play a soothing music as you go and put a pacifier in your baby’s mouth. Trust me your whole trip will become less stressful.

These were some of the things you need to add in for your trip by car with a 3 months old baby. I hope it’d be helpful for your coming road trips.