13377x Verified Torrent Sites for Downloading Movies

13377x Verified Torrent Sites for Downloading Movies

13377x Verified Torrent Sites for Downloading Movies

Therefore it is normal for them to become protagonists of blockades, especially in the united kingdom and also the USA, although despite this, the hegemony of specialized portals in the search for torrents remains unstoppable. Now, there will be several women and men who do not know what these sorts of files are, at least, whatever they are looking for.

Basically, these are files That Have metadata with Information about destination files, many of those protected by intellectual property rights, and which may later be downloaded using the 13377x Torrent program by means of a simple program.

It is not surprising that among the 1,000 most visited sites on Earth are just five these portals. Back in Torren freak they prepare each year a list of the latest search engines, according to the number of people they receive and, broadly , the caliber of their search engines matches their particular recognition.

The licensed persecution to which he is being vulnerable has Forced him to change the positioning of their servers on several occasions. By file types, the film is the comprehensive dominator, accounting for 54% of each the content of the portal site.

Kickas’s Torrents:

Ahead of this avalanche of closures, Kickas’s Torrents’d Been made in 2009 to receive an original selection however this July 21, 2016, they have arrested and shut its proprietor. In 3 years he became the 2nd most visited search engine in the world. Each day more than twelve million searches were registered on this website in a database that exceeds 10 million recordings, especially linked to sound. It was blocked at Italy and the united kingdom.

Advertisement seems warning that the page has been confiscated in the Department of Justice.

Recurrence, highlighting the progress made regarding user privacy and safety. Though the founders of the webpage are anticipating their faces with the justice of the USA, this has not prevented them from retaking the job, according to these, in a totally legal manner.

13377x Proxy / Torrent Sites List


Top 5 Free VPN Services for 13377x

Here are the list of free VPN administrations for Indian’s and USA, for online users to download
latest movies, files, videos, applications, Tv shows or programs, games, music, animation, etc.,

  1. TunnelBear
  2. CyberGhost VPN
  3. OpenVPN
  4. Hotspot Shield Free VPN
  5. VPNBook

Top Most Famous Search Engine


For many years it has been a standard for Internet users, nevertheless, Yet it continues to occupy a dignified standing in the listing of the most visited sites on the internet: the 153rd place according to Alexa. It does not host torrents but uses its search engines to track 25 million records from 32 domains.

Update: With the very first closure of KickassTorrents, Torrenz made a choice to unsubscribe, even though it’s still possible to spend the internet site, the service is not operational and it is not possible to search for torrents.

Extra Torrent

It is currently the fourth-most visited search portal for Torrents in the world.


The revulsive of occasions. It’s currently the most seen torrent search engine on the world wide internet virtue that has confronted the authorities in the united kingdom, where it was obstructed in 2013.

Other Most Famous Torrents Search Engines


It began to grow. The obsession with the portal isn’t to accumulate as many files as possible but also to filter its quality. Closer to the user, it plans to surpass the functions of a mere search engine to create a community. The internet site includes 655,772 indexed torrents and 229,103 users, although registration is not compulsory. It is the sixth gateway website of torrents with much more visitors. It has been blocked by various online suppliers in the united kingdom.


Content, mostly series, one of those cultural products of fashion. Its traffic changes determined by the seasons and also the draw on the show, but irrespective of the intermittency in the amount of files its visitors is big: it occupies Alexa the 1,050 rankings among the most visited sites on the community.


Reached a bargain in 2013 with the Motion Picture Association of America to close the website and compensate for the institution with 110 million dollars. Fourteen days later, anonymously, a group of customers relaunched the site with a brand-new domain , regaining 75 percent of the initial material, though the filters imposed from the business are maintained. It’s 16 million consumers and in respect to the number of files, it houses 1.4 million torrents.


It is a search engine Specialized in movie content, its chief route, but also incorporates content connected with games and applications. They claim to acquire over 21 million documents gleaned from 369 distinct sites.


Amateur- seeming, the portal site has become one of the most Popular search engines in the united kingdom because the police have not blocked the Portal website. It is among those 2,000 most visited sites in the Earth, even though The simple fact that it is in factn’t the most reliable: beyond year waves of fake Torrents slipped to the online search engine.

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