Wedding bells in Guelph, Things to Remember Before You Hit The Final Day

Finally, the day arrives, and so does the fear of walking down the aisle. Such was the case for Keaton on his big day, and now he was getting cold feet about it. Feeling chicken on the day you are about to say vows is completely normal.

You will have cold sweats, last-minute heads up for the checklist feeling like you missed something but in truth, everything seems to be in place. Well, it can go from excitement to nervousness to shitty in no big time.

A Delicate Balance of Checklist

Weddings in Guelph are an exceptional season, and the spring weddings are quite fathomed famous around the place. It’s not only Keaton who might have a last-minute breakdown, for a second you might feel this way but when you plan a wedding in Guelph, everything goes off smoothly. But just to calm the cooks out of you, let make a checklist of items before you hit the rodeo.

The Venue

The first and foremost thing to remember is the location. The venue is the rustic charm to the wedding, a bonus that cannot be overlooked. To plan a perfect wedding in Guelph you can choose Cuttin Fields, a first-class renovated golf course with miles of ground and open space or you can choose a Springfield Gol and Country Club for the incriminated for the day with the big patio to stand under.

The Luxury Limo

It’s not as cliché as it sounds limo service in Guelph happen to be the next best thing to add in your wedding plan. Spring season is perfect to get a limousine fueled up for the day. After all, you need to fit in with your bridesmaid! A wedding limo is the best thing to add and comfortable for the bride too with lots of space to stretch legs in the best dress.

Before the wedding season hits on, you need to book yourself a limo because a girl you do not want to walk down from your home to the venue in Jimmy Choos.

The Dress

Even before a date is set, a girl starts looking for a bridal dress. She probably tries tons and dozens of dresses before a final pick. Trying different styles, colors and fabric can take its toll. Crème Couture, Sixpence Bridal Studio or Modern Bride are just a few names you can start looking for a wedding dress in Guelph.

Sometimes it even takes more than 10 months to get the dress ready! A perfect dress for a perfect day is what every girl dreams about. So you better pick up one for yourself or let the designer choose one for you. Choose a designer you can trust blindly. But luckily for guys, things are not that complicated now, is it?

All they need is to be presentable and good hot as heck in a tux and use a mouth mint who knows what might they have drunk at the bachelor party?).

The Photographer

Who is going to capture the big and small intimate moments of the wedding? To catch up with every intricate detail is the job for the professional photographer.

You need to pick a photographer you are comfortable with.  Make a list of photographers you might be interested in, interview them and see if they understand your idea for the wedding. They must capture the essence of an outdoor or indoor wedding or whatever theme you want to choose. Or maybe a family friend with extremely good photography skills can do the job.

The Food

Wedding celebrations are nothing without the culinary delights.  You can try cake sampling and other food items you want to choose, so you should get in touch either with Bite Guelph, Oryan Catering, Platters Catering, and Events or any other food catering service you want to opt for.

Cake tasting is the best ritual in the wedding propaganda (as per groom’s saying) and so the wedding festivities in Guelph are more focused on food than anything else. Real foodies live in town. You can opt for a classical wedding menu or go for the grilled menu or something out of the blue something to remember by.

Ideas Never End for a Wedding Detail

The list always keeps adding on so make sure to get the basic things straight. Being a groom don’t forget to surprise your wife-to-be with a surprise wedding gift, and being a bride all you need to do is smile big and don’t let the tears ruin your paint!