5 Romantic Honeymoon Destinations in India


Honeymoon Destination in India: A wedding is a beautiful event that connects two souls through a mutual thread of love; the pair is expected to cultivate the knot with heavenly care and love throughout their lives. However, Honeymoon destination is undoubtedly the most personal feeling of breathing in the same air.

The most intimate sense of breathing air in the room is undoubtedly a honeymoon. It is both a celebration and an opportunity to get to know each other. Knowing, observing, and comprehending someone is the top-notch level of intimacy that does not require high expression; it is all about being around them and learning little detail of their actions, movements and happiness.

To make your planning process more hassle-free, we have curated a list of the top five destinations for India’s ideal gateway.


Nainital is the second word for romance in being one of the ideal destinations; it never ceases to amaze the tourist. The stunning landscape, the beautiful lakeside, and holy temples to seek blessing post-marriage, immense architectural and historical significance make it a perfect place for a honeymoon.

If you are too sluggish to go on an exhilarating adventure, you may immerse yourself in the present. Sometimes, doing nothing is another word for letting your soul free. There are ample resorts and personal villas for accommodation. Have you dreamt of living in a roadhouse right amidst the extensive chain of a soothing mountain? If yes, this can be a chance to accomplish your desire. So book your Nainital Tour Package now!!

Andaman and Nicobar

Andaman and Nicobar islands are among the most swing honeymoon destination in India. That beautiful atmosphere gives you sufficient space to hold hands while admiring the beautiful view and peacefully align with each other. It takes 4-5 whole days to explore every corner. However, you can move faster.

Andaman has been an enthralling tourist and honeymooner for a long time now. Still, besides all the trails to leisure, there are plenty of fun-loving activities such as going on a romantic drive, soaking in the tropical ambience and enriching forests, discovering the untouched island and retreating your journey with evening sun and glass of campaign.


When you are juggling between choosing the best destinations for your honeymoon, what can be more precise for a honeymoon than Agra and Taj Mahal situated here? Taj Mahal is one of the Seven Wonders of the world. It is undeniably a pride of India and testimonial of the existence of true love and an embodiment of an eternal soul.

You must visit this delightful location to practically encounter and experience love in its purest form. Aside from that, you’ll have a fantastic time with your spouse, walking around the pleasant landscape and watching the sunset from your resort. It’s also vital to delight your taste buds in the process. Therefore, you can try multiple cuisines. Moreover, don’t forget to plan your Taj trip with us.


You would have at least once in a lifetime have imagined your life like a kind, staying in a magnificent fort, love jewelled in the attire of royalty your love will bloom on the land of Jaisalmer. This place’s wonderful atmosphere will enchant you, and you will have a memorable time living together here.

Taking a stroll hand in hand in the cool sand of the desert will take you on a nostalgic tour of Arabian nights. The magnificent fort will captivate you, and a desert safari is a must-do activity. However, camping underneath an open sky and gazing at constellations at twilight will undoubtedly give you chills. Lastly, your journey is incomplete until you satisfy your taste buds with the authentic flavour of Rajasthan cuisine.


Honeymoon is a lens that captures the most fulfilled phase of life for you with someone you call your better half. To make it more enriching, planning a honeymoon trip to Goa can help you attain a top-notch romance.

The science beauty and beaches attract plenty of tourists and honeymooners to Goa every year. It is said that witnessing the sun drowning from beneath the horizon and the famous butterfly beach is worth cherishing.

Trekking through the thick forest, seeing the famed dolphin show, and kayaking will give you a sense of excitement. You may, however, host a candlelight supper for your sweetheart on the beach in a tropical environment and starry light.