5 Tricks to Make a Homemade Video Clip

Are you one of those who believe that virtue is in shortage of means? Your pocket does not allow such an expense? I read carefully. We will give you the keys and tips to get, at zero cost, the best home video clip.

If you continue reading, it is clear that you are not Michael or Janet Jackson trying to record the Scream video clip in which they invested millions and millions of dollars becoming one of the most expensive music videos in history.

Nowadays, creating audiovisual content is practically mandatory if you want promotion and visibility.

You will wonder, where do I start? Quiet, the initial stun is normal when you consider making an easy music trivia video, and more, if what you want to do is a free music video.

First, and to start with our tips to record a homemade video clip without shivering the purse:

Script: Planning Always Makes Sense:

First of all, the first thing you should do is write the script of the video clip, for this it is very important:

Analyze the lyrics and music of the song very well since it is very important to know, first of all, what you want to express.

Synthesize the music of the song taking into account the rhythm, structure, repetitions and all kinds of variations.

Feel the song what feeling produces your notes? Music is much more than melody, harmony, and rhythm.

With these points, you will be able to establish the different narrative moments of the musical structure, in order to create and conceptualize the video clip.

Other aspects to take into account when making the script of your music video, is to be clear to whom it is aimed, so you can know the visual language to which this audience is accustomed.

Choose what type of video clip you want to make, for example, narrative or conceptual video clip?

In general terms, we could define that there are narrative video clips, there are conceptual video clips, and there are video clips that encompass both types.

A narrative video clip is one that tells a story as if it were a small movie.

Location: Less Is More:

As we have explained, the script is important, it is the seed of your project, but do not be too twisted or complicate your existence too much, nor complicate yourself when choosing the location. Sometimes, the simplest idea is the best.

At this point, you have to choose, one, or several locations?

You have no budget to make the video clip but this does not have to affect when making a visually attractive music video.

When making a video in a single location you can run the risk of falling into the monotonous so we recommend using two, if possible one inside and one outside.

To shoot indoors you must take into account important factors such as light, make tests that you need to get interesting effects, in indoor recording, you can take advantage of close-up shots that better show emotions and reactions, and to roll outdoors, use the medium shots to show action (children playing, several people dancing …)

So as not to lose the detail, record from a moderate distance (or use a moderate zoom), another resource that you can use outdoors is panoramic shots with a general shot.

To make this kind of shot it is advisable to use a video camera tripod, use this kind of shot to establish the place of change of scene in your story or to give the viewer an overview of what is happening at that time.

Also, record messy scenes, they can come in handy at the time of editing. The extra material never takes place.

Listen to the background song for each sequence, without cutting the recording, so when editing it will be easier to synchronize the song with the image.

Team: Prepare Your Mobile:

The equipment is important yes, but do not get overwhelmed, if you do not have a camera, you can create a homemade music video with your mobile , no matter what, iPhone, Samsung, Motorola, Huawei … as long as it has a minimum.

Edition Moment You Already Have It:

There is nothing left to launch your home video clip, but first, you must edit it, you will need Windows Media Maker (Windows users), iMovie (Mac users) or some other domestic editing program, for the network you can consult thousands of editing tutorials Interesting video to get a good result.

Promotion: Success Comes:

Take photos throughout the recording, create a short video of the making of to share it on your social networks, send it by email to all your contacts and hang it on all possible digital platforms.

You already know that with creativity, desire to work, good ideas, and passion for what you do and without any money, you can make a perfect free music video.