Things to do in Vineyard Haven

Vineyard Haven is the main ferry port that brings thousands of visitors to the otherwise scarcely populated island in the summer high season. Martha’s Vineyard is a large island in the northern part of the East coast. A popular destination for celebrities and vacation spot for generations of people from Boston, New York, and other cities along the coast.

Martha s Vineyard

With so much thing to do on this island community, Martha’s Vineyard attracts plenty of foreign visitors as well. All tourists from abroad should apply for ESTA online approval process to get the travel authorization for visiting the US. A straightforward online procedure consists of a detailed questionnaire, and you will have to pay a small fee. The administration will resolve your application in 72 hours. Once you obtain the authorization, there is a two-year period in which you can visit the US.

If you decide to come to Martha’s Vineyard, your harbour will be Vineyard Haven or, in summer months Oak Bluff.

Top Vineyard Haven attractions

A laid-back atmosphere and New England architecture, along with plenty of natural beauty and sandy beaches, make the whole island appealing. The temperatures in summer are slightly lower than in the neighbouring continental part. Winter weather can be harsh but a bit warmer than in Boston or New York.

When you disembark, you can explore Martha’s Vineyard Museum, where you can learn about the whaling and fisherman history of the island and other important historical facts. There are Jewelbox, History Highlights, Flashes of Brilliance, The Thomas Cooke House, and many others among the permanent exhibitions.

A great place to stay in the Mansion House overlooking the harbour and close to all shops, galleries, and restaurants. In this vintage hotel, you can find rooms with fireplace and ocean view balconies.

If you come during the summer, head down to the Capawock Theatre, where you can watch Jaws every day, a tradition that dates back to the movie release day.

Martha’s Vineyard winter

Although summer is the high season for Martha’s Vineyard island, if you are looking for serenity and stunning scenery without crowds, winter can provide plenty of things to do. Besides the museum, the island has enough things open to make a compelling winter getaway.

You could go on a guided walk tour around the island or visit Alpaca farm where you can see the animals or buy warm winter clothes.

We usually associate beaches with summer, but there is a sense of freedom and admiration for visiting long sandy beaches alone in the winter sun.

Head down tot Chilmark for Martha’s Vineyard film festival, where you can watch new movies and documentaries, some of which were released a month ago on Sundance.

Martha’s Vineyard nightlife

With more than 100,000 tourists flocking the island in summer, there are plenty of nightlife options. However, Martha’s Vineyard is not Cancun or Ibiza. The second floor at Nancy’s, Cardboard Box, The Loft, and The Ritz in Oak Bluffs, are the best places if you are looking for a dance floor. They feature both live music and famous DJs.

If you are searching for a bar atmosphere and fine drinking, try at The Atlantic or Roxana Bar. Nancy’s in Oak Bluffs is another excellent destination for excellent cocktails.

Other high rated nightlife destinations include Comedy Lounge, LoFT sports bar, and Grumpy’s Pub.

Martha’s Vineyard with kids

The island can seem posh and expensive, but there is plenty of activities for visitors with kids to enjoy. Beaches are probably the first destination that comes to mind, and the best ones are Moshup Public Beach with white sand, and remote ocean feel to it. Joseph Silvia State Beach is a two miles sandy beach with shallow lapping waters ideal for kids. If your small ones like body surfing and diving, you can spend a day at Katama Beach in Edgartown.

Kids will love Alpaca Farm. You can visit Flying Horses Carousel, which is the oldest continuously operating in the US.

Martha’s Vineyard has many miles of cycling and hiking trails. You can walk on the long beaches or visit Felix Neck Sanctuary, where you can enjoy the unique landscape of marshes, ponds, and woodland with rich bird wildlife.

Make your ESTA status check regularly before booking your accommodation or plane tickets. With US travel authorization, you can roam the US for up to 90 days. The ESTA is only for visitors from Visa Waiver countries program.

Bottom line

Similarly, to Hamptons, Martha’s Vineyards is often regarded as a high-class destination with plenty of celebrities visiting every year. The island is also easily accessible by ferry, and you can spend a lovely day on its beaches, bars, and shops. Whether you like the summer vibes and crowds or looking for peaceful enjoyment in the offseason, Martha’s Vineyard has plenty to offer.