Life is Calling You – Tips to Bounce Back after COVID–19 Havoc

We are living in desperate times amidst COVID-19 chaos. And you wonder, when will this end? Or will this ever end? It seems as if everything has taken a 360 spin, and you have been detached from the center of your life. Nothing is okay because nothing is in its right place—neither your social and personal life nor your financial condition. You are so traumatized that you feel that you are alive, but will never be able to live again.

Don’t worry! We all have gone through this trauma together, and everyone is deeply affected. But we are breathing, the sun is shining, and the air is blowing. It means that life is still here, and we just need to relearn ways of living. Here is what might help you:

Lighten Up Your Heart

You feel as if there is a lump in your chest that is getting bigger day by day, and you don’t know what to do with it. It is nothing but the burden of all the chaos you have undergone in the last few months. You have to let that burden go to get rid of this lump. And the best way is to say that has accumulated in your heart and mind. Go anonymous on an online platform if you don’t want to reveal your name, and tell what you have gone through. It is your first step to coming back to life: lighten up your burdened heart.

Look Out for New Paths

Getting locked in your home for a long time – when you even don’t know for how long – can be difficult for anyone. It’s okay if you feel you have forgotten previous patterns of life, lost interest in old hobbies, and gotten strangled in ifs and buts. You can find new patterns, hobbies, and paths to give a fresh touch to your stagnant life with a more hopeful perspective.