Top 8 Footwear for Trekking Available in India

Hiking and trekking are amongst the most preferred adventures in the country. For trekking, a pair of comfortable shoes and garments are essential. Your footwear must have all the features that you would require while trekking. In this blog, we have listed eight footwear from the known brands that will up your trekking experience.

Features to Loon in Footwear for Trekking:

  • Lightweight and comfortable sole
  • Should have grip
  • Offer protection to ankles
  • Properly cushioned and padded

Best Footwear for Trekking

1. Wildcraft Unisex Trekking and Hiking Boots

Wildcraft unisex trekking and Hiking boots are perfect for men and women. Whether you are trekking enthusiast or love to trek occasionally, this pair of shoes from Wildcraft is ideal for you. It offers comfort and support also; these are made up of good quality that absorbs the sweat.

The material of the footwear is breathable, and you can continuously wear it for a longer period. It is durable and one of the best footwear for trekking available in India.

Price – Rs. 2,197

2. Redchief Men’s Leather Trekking and Hiking Footwear Shoes

Redchief is one of the well-known footwear brands that manufacture exclusive shoes for adventure enthusiasts. As the name suggests, this pair of shoes is perfect for hiking and trekking. Moreover, it is excellent for a casual outing. It has padded upper with the footbed, which is comfortable so you can walk as much long you want to. It is waterproof and easy to maintain, as well. All you would have to do is wipe a clean cloth all over the shoes, and that that’s it.

Price – Rs. 2,700

3. Adidas Men’sMen’s Ax2 Mid Trekking and Hiking Boots

Undoubtedly, Addidas is the best when it comes to sports shoes. These are a bit pricey. However, they are worth the price, and you can use Adidas India promo code to get a discount on online purchases. It has a high-quality design and is very comfortable. Adidas Men’smen’s ax2 mid trekking and hiking boots are water-resistant, and thus, you can wear it in the rainy season as well. It features an EVA midsole cushioning and traction rubber that offers an impressive grip in all types of climatic conditions. Also, these are durable and light.

Price – Rs. 6,999

4. Quechua MH 100 Mid Women’s Waterproof Mountain Hiking Shoes

Quechua MH 100 is ideal for all the women out there who love to trek and hike. These are rain friendly shoes. It has excellent support, with complete cushioning, and it keeps your feet dry. Also, it has an intact cross sole that allows you to walk in the slippery places and protects your toe from the injuries. It offers ankle protection and is perfect for long trekking and hiking trips.

Price- Rs. 4,999.00

5. QUIPCO Terra Waterproof Trekking Shoes

As the name of the shoes suggests, it is waterproof and ideal for trekking. It is versatile and has a nice look, which is why you can wear it in a casual event as well. It features a tensile and durable sole, which does not add much weight to the shoes. Also, it has a reflective tape at the back that adds to its look and ensures high visibility. Also, these are available in two colors, i.e., blue and grey.

Price – Rs. 3,799

6. Clorts Women’s Nubuck Waterproof Hiking Shoe Outdoor Trail Shoe

These are a robust pair of shoes for women. It is water-resistant and offers protection against dampness and cold. Clorts women’s hiking shoes are lightweight, durable, and ideal for hiking and trekking. This pair of shoes features uneebtex waterproof membrane that keeps the feet dry and protects from an ankle injury. Also, it is made up of the breathable material that keeps your feet comfortable for long hours.

Price – Rs. 5,000

7. Unistar PU Anti-Skid High Ankle Extra Cushion Inner Sole Jungle Boots with Dust Proof Bag

Unistar PU High ankle jungle boots are ideal for long trekking and rough terrains. It has an anti-skid sole, which offers excellent grip and support to the sole. These are high ankle boots. Thus, you can wear them on long trips. You do not have to worry about the comfort as it is made up of the good material that provides support and protects your foot in all the conditions. The material of the footwear is made up of the special technology, which prevents bad foot odor and keeps your feet dry for long.

Price – Rs. 977

8. Coasters Unisex Synthetic Trekking and Hiking Shoes

This pair of footwear is ideal for men and women. It has a minimalist look that makes it perfect for all types of walking activities. It consists of sticky rubberized soles, which adds comfort to the feet and allows you to walk comfortably on the rocky path. In addition to this, the inner material of the footwear is comfortable so that you can wear it for long hours. Plus, it is budget-friendly and is perfect for casual events as well.

It is also extremely affordable and has a stylish design, which makes it suitable for casual use as well.

Price – Rs. 1,190


Trekking could be fun and uncomfortable, respectively. It all depends on what type of shoes you wear while trekking. In this blog, we have curates seven footwear that is ideal for long trekking.