KENT CamEye An Innovative Vehicle Safety Device worth the Price

With day-to-day incidences, the loved ones ‘ safety and security becomes the prime concern. You feel relaxed till the time you are with them, or you are well conscious of them when they are in places.  But what about the time you’re away from them, like driving on their own, or riding with the driver. That is when a product such as KENT CamEye, a next-gen vehicle and passenger safety device, comes to the scene. With your virtual presence it ensures the safety and security of your loved ones.

What is inside the box?

KENT CamEye is a complete package at its size, as it combines all the features of a dash cam with a GPS tracker.  It has been brilliantly designed with innovative features that consider your security needs and fulfil them.  The device looks traditional as it’s great for mounting, and comes at a weight of 112.5 X 77 X 24 mm and 181 gms. It is a plug-and-play system based on non-OBD so users can do the installation on their own and does not require a technician’s support. This says there is no internal or hard cabling and the manufacturing warranty for your car remains the same.

How KENT CamEye Works?

Now, the question arises how this works? To use the priceless features of KENT CamEye, synchronize the device with the mobile application of KENT CamEye which can be downloaded from the play store and the app store. To trigger the app for use, a user is then expected to scan the QR code, which is at the bottom of the device. 

The device would be safe to use once it is enabled, but then it also has to be turned on. The installed unit draws power from 12V car socket connected above the windshield headliner’s lip through USB cable tuck. So power is transmitted to the system via USB cable when the vehicle starts and a green quick blinking LED lights up signalling the booting phase. However, KENT CamEye has a 3000mAh built-in battery which offers robust backup.  

The flickering green LED will go solid in a while, indicating that KENT CamEye is now in service. So, the device starts recording the trip data, including the audio and video recordings, as soon as the car gets to motion.

The system has dual cameras, and both the front and rear camera have 720p lenses with a field of view (FoV) of 120 degree. These are allowed for clarity in night vision with an infra-red. KENT CamEye has been fitted with on-board sound speaker and microphone for the audio function.

The cutting-edge features

With KENT CamEye these guidelines address safety concerns for your car and family members. In this single device, all of the cutting-edge features are available, including live streaming, time-lapse video recording, GPS tracking, cloud storage, and artificial intelligence based alerts. Such application functions and features become accessible via its user-friendly app.

The live streaming of inside and outside car view helps users track driver behaviour when sitting back at home, at the workplace or anywhere in the world. It gives a live update to car stuff happening.  At times, the trip information would still be accessible as recorded data, when the users were unable to go live or busy with some jobs. KENT CamEye records the inside and outside view time-lapse footage, and uploads it to secure real-time cloud storage. You can view the captured time-lapse video later, and download it via the app. It also has a significant internal memory that saves and preserves data in the event of loss of mobile access and automatically synchronizes data on the cloud when the network is restored.

KENT CamEye has been fitted with highly accurate GPS sensors on the map to let you know your car’s exact location. It even records the car-travelled route, which is available for replay, and the locations where the car was along with the useful statistics.

The location tracker is fitted with sensors with numerous artificial intelligence-based alerts that will suffice your security requirements. This continuously records speed, cabin temperature, noise level, GPS location etc. Through the app, users can set a limit on these parameters. At any time, any of these parameters are violated by the sensors and a warning is sent to the mobile phone immediately.