Top 7 Mistakes On WEB DESIGN That You Can Easily Correct Today

As an upcoming brand, the last thing you would want to associate with it to have a poor layout or design of your website while giving a strong launch to your website online. Currently, a professional website is the need of the hour to fight back to the competitive environment, gain new potential leads, establish strong credibility, and helps in building strong customer relationships.

Right now, it is time to look at your website and do critical thinking about the things which need to be changed.

Top 7 Mistakes On WEB DESIGN That You Can Easily Correct Today

Here are the top 7 mistakes on web design that you can easily correct today:

Lack of Clear Call to Action

One of the biggest small business problems which are made by websites is missing the call to work, and they don’t even realize how significant this issue is.

The key to the best website experience should tell a customer the ‘WHAT,’ ‘WHERE’ and ‘HOW’ that is:

  • What needs to be done
  • Where to go
  • How to feel

But, what is the call to action?

CTA or (Call to Action) helps in getting the visitors to focus on what is the next step. It is advised to use the content which adds value to your service or product along with compelling the visitors to take a prompt call to action.

It is essential to be crystal clear with the language you use, as that can be breaking or a making point for you.

Lack of Analysis to Measure the Performance

As it is always said that, if the return is not analyzed correctly, then half the battle is lost then and there. One of the crucial mistakes done by web designers is not to look at the data, which is the source behind the use of the website. An important fact is that 75% of the small business sites fail to use analytical tools to track their performance.

You need to start thinking of your website as an investment and learn to protect the investment, which can only be done after proper analysis. Online marketing lets you quickly test, adjust, and track the data.

It is important to offer landing pages for specific products and services because these pages will always convert sales better.

Unclear Messages Regarding the Brand

This is considered to be one of the most underrated ‘Bad Website Design measures’ which have been pointed out. Messaging can contribute tremendously to a success factor for many of the big brands out there, but no doubt acts as a starting to help to get on to the radar of many of the small brands.

In our opinion, if you are successful in overcoming this flaw, then you have won half the battle and will be ahead of many of the packs who have been scratching their heads or wandering as to why the target audience is not found of their brands or not purchasing products from their brands, despite them spending so much on branding. The key to everything here is ‘STORYTELLING.’

Weak Search Engine Optimization

SEO in the current marketing era, plays a very crucial role and every company now cannot function without proper SEO experts, there is a common notion that many of the developers feel that their website which is poorly designed means the that the user experience is inferior, however not to forget it’s the content which is weak and which lowers or breaks off the traffic and leads to lesser lead generations.

Content plays a vital role and does provide some very exceptional value. Good content always finds to get its way to various search engines organically. However, there is no formula or magic to obtain a high ranking on the search engines, but one thing is sure that high rankings do not happen just overnight, it does take time.

The SEO algorithms have become very strong and smart and grown tremendously.

Posting of Regular Quality Content

Any stale website will not be able to build solid potential relationships or have customers repeating themselves on the site. For you to want customers coming often, it is essential to provide informative, fresh, and unique content. This content, which is of utmost quality and is posted regularly, has become a part of high-value SEO practices.

The old saying that ‘Content is the king’ Is true and will remain faithful always. On your website, include a component of an active blog where you can share a lot of insightful articles ad content about the trending industry standards, etc. which will help to attract a lot of viewers.

Encourage Social Engagement

One of the ways how your business can differentiate from the other company is to have the ability to have a deep connection with the customers personally. There are many ways to nurture these relationships, but the most effective one is to use social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. These platforms help to strengthen the brand and customer recognition.

Make sure to combine social media sharing with relevant content, which helps in attracting the proper crowd.

Hard to Find Contact Information

One thing which should seep into the business very organically is ‘Your business is meant to be everybody else’s business. The sooner you realize this, the better it will be. There should be several ways where different customers and clients can get in touch with you without any hassles. Very often, the website owners do not show their phone numbers very prominently, and this isn’t very pleasant for the customer when he urgently wants to contact the company.

This is one of the prevalent mistakes done by web designers and is generally overlooked. We advise all the web designers to put an open call to action in the header with a phone number such as: Call free of cost at 800-xxx-xxx etc. This is one thing that needs to be taken very seriously to avoid losing customers.

Customers are not interested in putting in efforts to find your number, and this leads to you losing a potential customer. Hence, the policy should be to minimize as many clicks and maximize as many opportunities as possible.

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