Top 5 Best Career Opportunities For A Digital Marketer

Top 5 Best Career Opportunities For A Digital Marketer

Digital marketing skills are in huge demand and the gap has to be filled with the right professionals. The job market for digital marketing professionals is booming and has created more focus towards the concept than ever before. Let us understand why this huge rise is witnessed in the field of Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing Concept

The concept of digital marketing is not exactly different from the old form of marketing techniques at the product or services what we try to sell directly are approached through online in the digital marketing. The benefits and advantages are really higher considered than the traditional way of marketing. Increased opportunities available provided the skills have to be matching enough to accommodate the demands of the career market.

Digital Skills in Demand

Every Walk of our life we completely depend on the digital transaction or the digital influence. It is also understood the economy of the country is moving towards investing higher on the digital technology to create and develop good business growth opportunities. Online activity begins with the search engine and it takes to the next level of higher marketing tactics like search engine optimisation, pay per click affiliate marketing and the list continuous. The basic ideology of digital marketing is to create customers, convert customers and engage customers.

  • Demanded skills
  • Content Creation and Curation
  • Social media marketing strategy
  • Data analytics
  • Search engine optimisation specialist
  • Website traffic creation and handling

Top digital marketing career opportunities

Digital Marketing Manager

Having 5 years of experience or more than that in the field of digital marketing will be eligible to get this position. People who are capable of team leading, front processing will be picked up quickly.


Digital marketing manager would approximately get anywhere between 15 and 20 lacs annually

Content Marketing Manager

Writing effective content, creative context and product description are in peak demand by the E-Commerce platforms, digital marketing platforms. The person who decides what to write, what topics should definitely be e return to boost the business growth is the content marketing manager. He is also responsible for maintaining the website quality, blog post, updates on the social media and others.


The salary for the content marketing manager would be between 5 lakh and 7 lacs annually

Inbound Marketing Manager

If you are an expertise in the marketing field then this is a right platform to acquire the position called inbound marketing manager. Yet being in this position the traditional marketing alone will not work rather digital marketing acquisition and knowledge transformation are mandatory. The highest responsibilities for the position sales funnel management, marketing campaign analysis engage the customers by forming strategies and many more.


Inbound marketing manager will be paid approximately 4 lacs to 5 lacs per annum

Social Media Manager / Executive

Being creative is the top notch of social media platform and if you feel that you are creative and innovative in videos, writing, thinking then social media executive is the apt job for you. Creating daily posts on all social media channels updates posting images are the major works related to these designations. Need to process different kinds of campaign ideas in order to be very creative according to the market trend.


Social media manager would be paid anywhere between 5 lacs and 7 lacs per annum

Search Engine Marketing / Expert

Having profound knowledge on handling SEO tools is necessary for being an SEO expert. Search engine marketing similarly has an additional responsibility of managing the website traffic PPC keyword research analysing and many more


Search engine marketer and the expert will be paid according to their qualification and experience and it can range between 5 lacs and 10 lacs per annum.

Web Analytics

This is absolutely in demand because every organization is through online mode and they are obviously responsible in measuring the impact of advertisement being done online. If they would like to measure this obviously they require the help of data analyst who should be a specialist in programming, numbers and also strong in technical qualification.


Web analytics specialist is one of the highly paid job which stands anywhere between 7 lacs and 15 lacs per annum

Why is digital marketing demanded?

Career Choices

Every industry is moving towards digitalization starting from the start-ups to the established Corporates definitely look forward to hearing the digital professionals’ recruitment with the right qualification and perfect experience. Google, Airbnb are very sincere in recruiting Digital marketers in order to meet emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning. These factors have become mainstream to scale up the business in terms of profit and growth.

Highly Paid Top Careers

The creative group project has conducted a survey and has said the median salary for a digital marketer in the United States would be approximately $164000. The interesting fact in the digital marketing industries neck to neck competition provides for the potential talents. This ensures that individuals or the candidates with the perfect skill can absolutely be taken by the top companies for great salaries.

Begin Your Career Quickly

The traditional form of advertising agency the marketing strategies are not on trend but in today’s digital marketing world plethora of opportunities available to begin your career and establish your career path. Online exams, digital market certification courses diploma and degree courses are really helpful to load your CV with needed skills by the organization. These options would favorably make you and your resume different from the existing potential crowd.


Become an expert in the digital marketing field by pursuing the right course from the right academy. There are many online and offline programs available which can really help you to gain the proficiency to become a digital marketing professional. Select the right institution or academy and then choose the best digital marketing course in chennai  to get into the top career opportunity.

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