Mobile Phone Monitoring Software for Employees

Are you looking for the best mobile phone monitoring app to supervise digital behavior of your employees? There are several options in monitoring apps because of which beginners may find it hard to pick up the best one. We have reviewed here one of the most reliable and high-tech cell phone monitoring apps. It is intended for business persons to supervise activities of working staff inside the outside the workplace.

Mobile Phone Monitoring Software for Employees

TheOneSpy Employee Tracking App

The cell phone spy app of TOS is particularly designed for employers to remotely supervise activities of employees working inside and beyond the workstation. It enables them to witness and capture almost every activity of suspicious workers without them knowing. Once the app is installed on company-owned smartphones, the end-user can monitor those phones via web portal of the app. It provides access to sensitive information saved on targeted device; creates online backup of data and allows remote controlling features of the target phone. When used appropriately, the app helps to boost employee productivity keeping them restricted from unproductive activities.

How Monitoring Software Works

The tracking app for employees gets access to data saved on employees’ mobile phones and uploads to the online portal of TOS. The app completes this process on its own without needing any command. The end-user can send command to the app via online control panel to turn on camera, microphone or screen recording feature. The app works with secrecy and does not create any notification, sound or alert on the target phone.

How to Monitor Employees with Spy Software

We have discussed here features of the app that explain how employees’ activities can be supervised with this software.

Monitor Chats

The internal communication of business organization can be supervised with the help of cell phone tracker app. It automatically syncs messages exchanged by workers and uploads chats to the online portal. The end-user of the software can read the conversations and see contact details of communicators by signing into the online portal.

Supervise Internet Usage

The internet is a powerful technology the misuse of which can cause damage to the business organizations. The unsupervised and unrestricted internet access badly impacts employee productivity keeping them engaged in unproductive acts. Using the app, the end-user can supervise internet use of employees to keep them restricted from internet abuse. The app provides access to the internet browsing history of the company-owned phones including browsing details of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Track Traveling Workers

The monitoring software also enables employers to keep an eye on remote workers. By signing into the online portal, you can find out the current GPS location of the target. It helps to ensure that your workers are on assigned tours. The GPS location of workers helps to supervise marketing and sales staff.

Read Emails

Business emails may contain sensitive information about the company. It is important to supervise emails exchanged by your employees to prevent unauthorized data transfer and avoid phishing emails. The surveillance software provides access to incoming and outgoing emails of workers. You can read these emails direct from the online portal. If there is any scam email in your employee’s inbox, you can restrict the receiver from responding to the email. Moreover, it helps to figure out disloyal workers transmitting important data to unauthorized persons.

Retrieve Media Files

The photos, videos and voice recordings saved on employees’ smartphones can be watched and retrieved through the online portal of the mobile spy app. The online backup of media files also allows retrieving deleted photos and videos.

Screen Recording

Do you want to know what your workers are doing on their phones in real-time? The surveillance software lets you watch whatever appears on your employee’s phone screen. By getting the phone screen recorded with help of spy software, you can watch what your workers watch, type or search on phone.

Call Recording

The phone calls received and made by marketing, sales and customer care staff can be traced for keeping a check on their performance. The app automatically records all phone calls of employees and uploads the recorded calls to the online portal. The end-user can listen to these calls and access contact information of communicators by logging into the online control panel.

Access Contacts

The mobile phones of employees may contain important contacts including contact information of customers, vendors and third parties. The employer can access and manage contact list of employees without accessing phone. By logging into the online portal, the end-user of the spy app can retrieve existing contacts; add new contacts and delete unwanted numbers.