How to Troubleshoot: Roku Remote Volume is not Working

roku remote

Roku Remote Volume not working issues can be frustrating and take a while to fix. Technology can sometimes have a mind all its own, much like humans.

Pushing the button will cause the volume to drop. Pressing the volume down will cause it to increase or not work at all.

If the Roku remote stops allowing you to control the volume, it will likely be apparent first when you try to change the volume using the regular Roku remote controls. It is easy to fix the problem.

Why Roku Volume not working?

Technology changes all the time, and new technology is coming onto the market each day. This doesn’t mean there won’t be any problems. Roku is an example of this.

The company’s technology has improved over the years, but users continue to face issues.

Roku remotes are a premium product, but many users complain about frequent issues.

Additionally, issues with overheating and Roku not connecting are common.

How to fix Roku Remote volume not working?

If none of these solutions work and your Roku volume still doesn’t turn on, it may be your Roku. Here are some options that you could try.

FIX #1 – Reset the Roku

For a reset of your Roku, disconnect the power cable and Roku for 10 seconds. Sometimes this will allow the remote function and allow for volume adjustments.

FIX #2 – Switch the HDMI port

Connect the Roku via an HDMI port alternative. If the port does not work, the port cannot be used to adjust volume via remote control.

FIX #3 – Change the audio port

Also, ensure that your Roku can be connected to an external system for music playback.

FIX #4 – Change the cables

Replace the cables. In the event that your audio setup depends on cables, you might want to replace them by cables that work.

FIX #5 Adjust sound settings

Adjust the sound settings according to your preference. It is possible that your Roku’s sound settings need to be adjusted. To adjust your settings, click on the Settings button under audio. Once you have connected an optical device to your computer, then switch between S/PDIF (or HDMI) in Dolby D.

FIX #6 Turn off your surround sound

Your surround system should be turned off. Use settings Settings> Audio to determine if the issue is with stereo sound. Set the HDMI to PCM Stereo

Final words

We’ve tried everything to find the best way to fix the Roku remote volume not working problem.

If your remote is not responding to your commands, this manual may help you.