No More School, But Still Want to Learn? Here’s the Easy Way

No More School, But Still Want to Learn Here's the Easy Way

Learning is always synonymous with school and college. The teaching and learning process takes place formally, there are teachers and students, and is carried out regularly and scheduled.

Many people still think like that. But the fact is, learning does not recognize the limitations of space and time. There is no age limit. Learning today can be practiced anywhere, anytime, and anyone. Including if you have left school.

In this case the intention is, have graduated from school or college, or dropped out of school because of a situation. Even though you don’t go to school or don’t have formal education in school, you still have to study, hone and upgrade your knowledge.

Here are some easy ways to keep you learning even though you no longer go to school:

1. Learn from the experience of parents or older ones

The more a person ages, the more life experiences he has gone through. Already eating the acid of life salt, that’s the phrase that is often used. Associating regardless of age. If you are surrounded by friends or older friends, you can make it a role model.

Communicate and enjoy conversation, share stories and experiences with them. This is a good opportunity for you to learn and gain knowledge from their life experiences. You can learn valuable lessons from them, for example in a career, married life, socializing, and many others.

2. Read the news and digest it intelligently

Even if you don’t go to school anymore, reading news must be a routine every day. Morning, afternoon, evening, or night so as not to miss information. Times are sophisticated, you can use mobile phones that are connected with internet access to find information or news sources.

In addition, getting the latest information can be done through television, print media such as newspapers, magazines, tabloids, and so on. After reading or watching, do not immediately swallow the information raw. Digest well. Be a smart reader or audience by finding news sources that can be trusted.

3. Following the development of the industrial world

The development of business and industry is interesting to know. As technology develops, industry and business experience rapid changes as an adaptation step. You can get information about the world of business and industry from anywhere.

But first, check the truth of the information. Even though you don’t have school, who knows, this information can lead you to become a successful businessman.

4. Learn and get used to thinking long term

Don’t just stuff your mind with information and lessons about things all the time, because this will make your mind tired. Need a balanced portion in everything, including when you are learning and processing information.

Get used to doing meditation, at least 10-15 minutes every day. This process will help calm the mind, where you briefly empty your mind and give it time to rest. Meditation will make you more able to think long term.

5. Manage and solve all negative things in your mind

Anger, revenge, disappointment, and various other negative things often take up a lot of time and thought. If you are feeling this now, it can make it difficult for you to learn.

You will find it hard to focus on positive thinking, even though you need it to be able to enjoy life. Try to solve one by one the problems and negative things that you have kept buried, so that you no longer keep a heavy burden on your head.

6. Learn to solve your problems

Life will not always be in line with your desires and thoughts. There are times when you will cross other people, even those closest to you. Don’t waste your time and mind on problems like this, because this will take up your energy. Try to sit together and solve various problems, so that you are more calm and comfortable with the people around you.

7. Enjoy the Learning Process Comfortably

Even though you are no longer in school, make sure you are always learning and honing your brain’s abilities well. This can be done in many easy ways, even those that you might never have imagined. Enjoy your learning process comfortably and pleasantly, so this can have many positive impacts on your life.

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Learning is a process can be carried out without school and at any age….