How to Avoid Airport Parking Rip Offs and Get the Best in Budget?

How to Avoid Airport Parking Rip Offs and Get the Best in Budget?

Off-airport parking is known to be troublesome because there are so many things that can go wrong at any time. So, it would be prudent to take care of everything in advance with pro advice.

How to Avoid Airport Parking Rip Offs and Get the Best in Budget

Rip off Deals

There are so many airport parking vendors online that you could never make your decision about them without having certain doubts about whether or not you have chosen the right vendor, gotten a good deal at fair prices. Then some offers are priced so low that you just can’t miss it but you wonder how come they are so cheap while the rest are relatively costly. The answer is that these services are not that great. You get what you pay for and sometimes even less, because when you book to park with unsafe vendors you have to suffer consequences like damages and their repair costs.

Sometimes unreliable offers turn out to be a total rip off and nobody at all comes to collect your car even when you have already paid for the services. This is the ultimate worst situation you could get trapped into. This is when you have to arrange for urgent parking at high prices in addition to what you have already had to pay. It is on you to ensure that you are getting in with the right vendors who take on their responsibilities sincerely and deliver what they sell. One easy way to get quality service and trustworthy vendors would be to compare airport parking options.

Compare Airport Parking

Comparisons are the quickest and easiest way to cut out fake and overrated services and get to the best deals that work in your favour. An ideal parking deal would have all the best amenities at the lowest possible rates. So when you compare airport parking deals you get these ideal services along with multiple options for consideration. You get to see and evaluate all the features side by side and then make your decision based on your preferences.

Comparing meet and greet parking deals also verifies the vendors for their deals reliability, service quality and prices. The best deals must be suitable for all your requirements. Services should be punctual and your vehicle should be safely kept under vigilant care. The prices should be competitive and fair. Low rates are not always indicative of a good deal because but you can find the cheapest prices keep a certain standard of service quality in mind. Comparing is definitely in your best interest as it not only verifies but makes it certain that you only consider the best of services to take care of your car in your absence. Also, if you book early on you get to enjoy certain discounts that will bring down your travel expense remarkably.

Secure Compound

When you engage in a long stay parking Stansted service, your vehicle is parked off the airport premises in compounds owned, manned and operated by independent parking providers. The parking is conducted by trained and insured drivers that collect your car from the terminal, park it in the compound for as long as you need and then bring it back to you upon your return. But while it is parked in the lot, it needs to be guarded against any damage or theft risks. The best way to ensure that is to confirm that the vendor you choose operates a compound with all the necessary security features like proper lighting, all-around fencing, CCTV monitoring and regular armed patrols. The compounds are also regularly visited by police to ascertain that everything is in order.

It will do you a huge favour if you made sure that your vendor’s compound was not too far from the airport. The longer this distance, the more mileage is run on your vehicle consuming your gas. It also increases your road risk for accidents, car trouble and delays due to waits, weather or traffic. So, keep the distance between the airport and the compound short by choosing the right offer and avoid these problems by eliminating them beforehand.

Extra Parking Fees

All airports have different rules regarding parking and especially the short parking. Some airports allow you to park for a certain amount of time at the terminal forecourt or at the short parking plaza to complete. Your drop off or to handover your car to the parking agent appointed by your chosen vendor. If you accede this allotted time you have to pay by the minute. Sometimes you have to pay anyway and this fee is applied and collected by the airport. Some people confuse it with parking fees and think they are being overcharged or extorted, which is not the case.

While booking off-site parking, read the deals’ description carefully to know whether or not it includes this short parking fee in the package. If it does it will be mentioned there and highlighted. If it says nothing about these additional charges then you should know that you will have to pay them. Therefore, it is advised that you find out how much that fee is and then you can keep that in cash on you to save time. If your car parking agent asks you to pay him that fee then you can do it because it will still be going to the airport. He will pay that money upon exiting the short parking area while you have already headed towards your check-in at the terminal.

All these pointers are crucial and contribute dearly towards you getting the best parking facilities within budget.