Its Time-Consuming Finding a Certified CPA near you, but “Ageras” Makes It Easier

With an agency like “Ageras” by your side, the process of finding a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) becomes a lot easier, effortless, simple and quick. Yes, it is their years of experience in matching and providing all the information about accounting services outsourcing companies & firms are helping a lot of individuals, as well as entities get their choice of professionals. Small to midsize companies that are looking for the services of a full-time accountant, bookkeeper, tax preparer, personal tax accountant, auditor or a CPA, now have one such partner to assist them in their endeavor of finding a qualified accountancy firm that can easily help manage all their accounting and taxation related matters in the most seamless, efficient and professional manner. Therefore, you can concentrate on your core business activities and leave all your finance related woes to a third-party vendor that is a trusted and a licensed one.

The specific role of a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) can be defined in a way, as they provide strategic financial advice to clients that help a business or an organization to take major decisions. It can be regarding a new investment, expansion plans or ramping up the existing facility, by understanding about their present financial standing and monetary value. A CPA can also assist a company or an individual in areas like filing of yearly Income Tax (IT) returns, choosing a profitable structure, assisting in IRS external tax audits, providing financial consultancy and indirectly assisting in business growth, as well as performance. With agencies and partners like “Ageras”, you can now get access to certified and authorized CPAs near you within hours and hire one that best suits your business or company requirements.

Who is a Certified Public Accountant?

A CPA is a government registered accounting professional or a specialized chartered accountancy firm that provides assistance to individuals, companies and organizations in all aspects of finance, tax, audits and the entire business accounting process. As a CPA is a full certified professional with a license, qualification and certification, they can actually be of great support to your business, as CPAs keep you informed about the frequently changing tax laws, rules & regulations. Companies or small businesses hire the services of CPAs for special assignments that a conventional personal tax accountant or a bookkeeper cannot perform. It can be preparing reviewed financial statements, assisting in tax audits and helping with IRS representations.

A fully qualified and experienced CPA can also provide professional consultancy services in niche areas or domains like business growth trajectory improvement, filing of yearly tax returns and thereby saving your precious time, effort as well as money that would be spent in maintaining a dedicated accounts departments on a monthly payroll.

A Certified Public Account also provides a range of financial advisory services to clients and business partners. An internal tax audit is one of the important services that a CPA is entitled to do. As one such accounting professional has a high level of expertise, training, qualification & certification, they are hired to perform extensive tax audits for a business and help prepare it for an external IRS audit. Though, normal tax accountants do perform some of the other services as a CPA does, but cannot perform some special and complex corporate accounting roles, which only requires a qualified professional or an accountancy firm. As CPAs have to clear regular examinations, they are well aware of the latest tax regulations in a particular state, borough or county. They also help prepare financial statements for individuals and businesses. Unless one clears a Uniform CPA Examination, he/she is not designated as a licensed Certified Public Accountant. Therefore, they are more knowledgeable about tax codes due to the CPA licensing examination they clear.

How ‘Ageras’ Helps in Finding a CPA near You

The process is very simple, yet quite efficient. If you’re asking this question to yourself, how to find a CPA near me, it has a credible answer and solution to it. You simply need to visit the website of this pan-US based agency and fill-in an online application form, mentioning in detail all your specific job requirements, regarding a CPA, a tax accountant, a bookkeeper or an internal auditor. And, what this agency does is that it matches your job role requirement profile within some of the best Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) near you, in your city. Within 48 hours, you receive three ‘non-binding’ or ‘no-obligation’ quotes of top CPAs to compare, match and select any one. These are all FREE quotes. It is up to you to decide whether you want to go with their quotes, or look for some other sources.

The Precise Role of a CPA

The most important and foremost is Tax Services. A CPA advises their clients about tax strategies and how to go about reducing their tax obligations. It also includes yearly tax preparation, filing of federal, state and local tax returns. They also provide full technical assistance to their clients in the event of an IRS tax audit, by preparing answers for possible questions posed to their clients by the respective tax authorities. Secondly, a CPA performs audit, review and assurance services on a broad scale. The primary task of a CPA is to audit the final accounts and tax book of a client. In fact, they provide an auditor’s opinion regarding the financial statements that are distributed to third party vendors. A CPA also provides assurance services that help enhance a company’s decision making process, when it comes to the context of both financial & non-financial information. The main purpose or objective of one such internal audit is to ensure that all the financial information is accurate and 100% precise, with no irregularities or forced manipulation, and follows the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). Lastly, a CPA also provides advice on financial management & planning. This helps a client in minimizing its tax obligation and burden to a great extent. It involves strategizing planning, budgeting, risk management, investment guidance, insurance coordination and preparing financial statements.

Final Words

To sum up, a CPA is hired when you have some special accounting assignments and roles that cannot be performed by an ordinary personal tax accountant or a bookkeeper. Since one such professional has passed rigorous certification examinations, they possess a higher level of skill, qualification and expertise in managing processes like tax audits, financial planning, strategic business consultancy, tax filing and corporate accounting. And, finding one such professional or accountancy firm here in the US has been made easy with the help of expert agencies like “Ageras” that has years of experience in matching profiles and help find the perfect accounting professionals for you.