Everything That You Must Know About Mother’s Day

There are many people in life that matter to us, and many of these people affect our life in the most profound ways. Regardless of this, there is one person in everybody’s life that does more than anyone else, and she is a mother. For each one of us, our mothers are the best, as we have countless reasons to prove it. This is undoubtedly true that the relation of a mother is great from all other relationships.

A “Mother” is a word which fills everybody with emotions and hence she is certainly the most important person in our life. She not only takes care of her children but also looks after her family. The amount of hard work and sacrifice she does is incomparable. All the countries celebrate motherhood once a year with Mothers day gifts and a lot of other things.

Mother’s day is one occasion on which you can show your affection to your lovely and gorgeous mother. It is one of the occasions which you can’t miss. It is so special that everyone can relate to it. People across the world with different religions, caste, gender, and financial status have special emotions for their mothers.

When, Why, and How is Mother’s Day Celebrated?

Mother’s day is celebrated on 10th May, which falls on Sunday. While most of the countries celebrate this day on the same day, but in Arabian countries, it is commemorated on 21st March. On the other hand, in the UK it is celebrated on the third Sunday of March.

Why is Mother’s Day Celebrated?

Mother’s day is an occasion for honoring motherhood, which is celebrated in different forms in various countries. On the US mother day is celebrated on 10th May. Anna Jarvis created the starting of the mother day in the US in 1908, which later became a holiday in 1914. While date and commemoration vary, this special day involves presenting gifts for mothers day and other presentable items.

Traditionally, mother’s day celebration was started by the Greeks and the Romans. They held special celebrations to honor goddess Rhea and Cybele.

In the modern-day world, the UK and other parts of Europe on the fourth Sunday in Lent was seen as a time when people return to “mother church” (main church) for a special service. Later the Mothering Sunday tradition shifted to the holiday, and children present gifts like Mothers day flowers, sweets, etc. to their mom. This tradition was eventually forgotten due to the popularity of American Mother’s Day in the 1930s and 1940s.

How is Mother Celebrated?

Whether you are living in the US or any other country, Mother’s day is usually celebrated at the beginning of the spring for a good reason. And it is due to older civilizations because they emphasize on honoring mother Earth for food and the harvest to sustain life. Those days have now evolved so much across various cultures. In the modern world, the day is more extended to honor the mother in the same spirit.

In France, the mother’s day is celebrated on the last Sunday of May. It is celebrated more like a family holiday with a simple dinner and Mothers day cake that looks like a bouquet of flowers. In Mexico, the day of the celebration is fixed that is 10th May, which is commemorated with big church masses. And in Spain, it is celebrated on 8th December with the “Virgin Mary” feast.

How to Celebrate Mother’s Day in 2020?

No matter what the situation will be, your mother will always be by your side and will solve all your problems. And when it is her special day, you must show your care and love for her. Celebrate this Mother’s Day 2020 with full enthusiasm. You can begin by serving her breakfast and then proceed by doing all the household work which will relax her for this day. Impress her by preparing delicious meals decorated beautifully. Then you can also plan for any creative gift for her. Something then will completely amaze her and make her feel special.

So this was a little information about Mother’s Day, and we hope it increases your knowledge. You can also read out more about the history of mother’s day on Wikipedia and History.com.