How To Get Free Shipping on Amazon?

Getting free delivery is just like receiving a bonus on the purchase online. Thus, many customers always look for free delivery options no matter how small and large their order is. Amazon is one of the giants in the ecommerce platforms, which offers a handful of features facilitating better shopping. In this expedition, many users ask if they can avail free shipping options on Amazon all the time.  If you’re looking for the answer for the same, look no further; in this post, we will see how to avail free delivery options on amazon. Evidently, getting a prime membership can make you avail most of the shipping absolutely free. Are there any other options that make you get products without shipping fees?

Should You Get Prime Membership to Get Free Delivery?

Prime membership is a subscription that users can take from amazon. Taking this special privilege can offer customers a set of advantages. Here are some prime benefits regarding delivery:

  • Faster Delivery- Within 1 to 2 days
  • Same day delivery to selected cities
  • Cashbacks on certain orders
  • Free delivery on all the orders except Pantry.

Thus, getting a prime membership at a reasonable price can get you free delivery to almost all the products. If you want to know how to get a prime membership, check out the following steps:

Step 1: Open the Amazon app on your mobile phone.

Amazon app on your mobile

Step 2: Now, on the left-top side, click on the menu to access more options.

menu to access more options

Step 3: Choose Try Prime Options on the new screen. You may select any pack you like.

Try Prime Options

Try Prime Options 1

Step 4: Make the payment process and you are now a prime member.

If you don’t want to take the prime membership and yet avail free delivery option on your purchases? You can avail a handy feature by amazon known as the 499-technique. Let us ponder what it is in the following lines.

The 499 Cart Value Technique

Despite the fact Amazon charges shipping charges for all the general users, there is a technique that can be used to mitigate it. Amazon often charges Rs 40 for orders valued upto Rs 499. While it can be absolutely free when it comes to orders more than or equal to Rs 499. Here is the example of a USB cable we demonstrate:

499 Cart Value Technique

Here, we searched for an Ambrane USB cable for instance which is priced at Rs 179. The right side of the screen shows that the shipping charge will be levied when the order is valued more than or equal to Rs 499. Thus, try to make your cart’s value at least Rs 499 whenever you want to mitigate shipping charges.

Take care of the following:

While you can avail the above technique for free delivery even if you don’t have a prime membership, you need to take care of certain regulations marked by amazon:

  • You should create an account on amazon even if you don’t take the prime membership
  • The products that are placed on the card should be labeled as “Amazon Fulfilled.” Adding products from another category can again bring you about delivery charges.

Searching Filler items:

Most of the time, the product that you want may not be priced more than or equal to Rs 499. In such cases, you may need to add more items to get eligible for free shipping.  While you may have to check if the products to be added are Amazon fulfilled, you may also need to check out if these items are useful to you. Since you can keep the products in the cart for some time, you may wait till you may find suitable filler items to make a value purchase. Great Indian sale can be a great grab-on chance for you.

Summing up

Here You Go! You now know how to get free shipping on Amazon. While you can grab tons of offers by availing of prime membership, using the 499-technique can also make your purchase free from shipping if you are fortunate enough to select amazon fulfilled products. Special apps like Filler checkers are available for both mobile phones and computers. You can check these to get the best picks of fillers that may get your work handy.


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