A List of Activities You Should Do in Kheerganga

Kheerganga, a little spot at the highest point of the mountains in the Parvati Valley, roosted at a tallness of 2,450mts( 13,000ft). Kheerganga, where Lord Shiva was said to have pondered for a long time, is a tranquil and profound spot in the Parvati Valley. Kheerganga Trek goes under one of the most well known treks in India.

Kheerganga trek allows visitors to see various cascades, underground aquifer pools, snow-secured tops, all-around rich green woods. Kheerganga is an ideal spot for explorers, voyagers, nature sweethearts, and experienced fans.

The trek is a 13km long trek which takes 7-8 hours to get total.

This stunning trek begins from Barshaini town – a little town, where Tosh and Parvati stream meets is the beginning stage of the trek. From Barshaini to Kheerganga the trek is 12 km. The path is a delicate slope fixed with lovely apple plantations. You will see monstrous deodars and oak timberlands during the trek. Along our approach to Kheerganga trek, you will get an opportunity to investigate Naktan Village and Rudraprayag town – little villas ideal for the stops where you will get an opportunity to interface with local people and think about the nearby culture.

This path will experience the old, conventional towns, cascades and streams. You will encounter scenes and staggering perspectives on the Himalayas. From Barshaini the closest town is Tosh. Tosh is well known for its flower child culture and an ideal spot for radicals. Individuals come to Tosh from all around the globe. The spot is likewise celebrated for Psychedelic and rave parties.

Things You Can do When Visit Kheerganga:-

Dawns and Sunsets

Try not to miss the entrancing dawn and inhale outside air all encompassed by rich green timberlands. Appreciate dusks where the sun changes shading from orange to dark red. The sky turns pink or orange. What’s more, go through the night under the ritzy sky.


Experience Camping close to cascades, and the highest point of the slopes. Remaining in the laps of Himalayas in the middle of thick woods, underground aquifers, and waterways. There will be no power in the territory. It is encouraged to book your visit with an accomplished visit administrator. There are a great deal of private outdoors offices at better places in Kheerganga. Continuously convey in electric lamps and lights with additional batteries.

Appreciate the underground aquifers

Subsequent to coming to Kheerganga, you will be straight ahead to the Parvati Kund which is renowned for natural aquifers, washing up in the hot waters loosen up your irritated muscles. Natural aquifers are amazingly among the Hindus and Sikhs travelers as they accept that the water has some sacrosanct recuperating properties. The water is wealthy in sulfur and gives you help by pressure and weariness you got after this long trek. Likewise, visit the little Lord Shiva sanctuary at the top and you will likewise discover a settlement office to remain.

Live in Homestays as Opposed to Hotels

On this path, you will pass by such a significant number of little towns like Malana, Pulga, Tosh, Kasol, Barshaini. You will discover visitor houses and lodgings up there. Discard lodgings and settle on homestays. You will get an opportunity to encounter the life of local people, interface with them and get an opportunity to find out about their life, culture, language, and so forth.

Other Nearby Treks to DO

Kasol is one of the goals and basecamp to 5 well known treks in India.

There a ton of treks to do approach Kheerganga, as it is the basecamp or portal to such a significant number of treks. Practically every one of them are stunning treks and urge you to move further on this path. The knolls of the Chandrakhani Pass, Mystery town of Malana, the hallucinogenic town of Tosh all are where you can set up your tent and live for a few days and investigate all the astounding close by towns.

The Best Time to Visit

Kheerganga is in summer just as in Winters. The temperature in summers goes up to 45 degrees and In Winters the temperature goes in negatives and snowfall is normal. It is prudent to abstain from trekking during the storm season as the path gets tricky, sloppy, and dangerous because of overwhelming downpours.

You will discover such huge numbers of bistros, tea spots, and eateries during the trek. The greater part of the group that lives around Kheerganga is Israeli. The caf├ęs serve outside cooking styles like Israeli, German, and Chinese. The nourishment will likewise be costly. You will effectively discover noodles, tea, and espresso in bumpy zones.

To begin this trek, first, you need to reach Bhuntar. The most straightforward approach to reach Bhuntar is to take an immediate transport to Bhuntar from Delhi, Chandigarh and all Manali Route. From Bhuntar take a transport for Barshaini. You can also take help from a trip operator. There are many travel agencies BanBanjara is cheapest of them.

Kheerganga Trek is only an end of the week away. Experience nature at its best and appreciate the excellence of the Great Himalayan Mountains. Plan an outing and prepare for another experience.