What is the Best Olympic Barbell and Dipping Bars

What is a Barbell ?

Barbell is a workout instrument which is used in bodybuilding, weightlifting, and power lifting. It is a long bar with weights attached to it at both ends.

Best Barbell:

The best Olympic barbell is the Rep Fitness Gladiator Bar. Rep fitness was started in 2012 in Colorado. It is 2.2 meter long and weigh 20kg. The main feature of this barbell which sets it apart from other companies is that its tensile strength is 230k and 1500lb static rating. Other than that it is completely chrome plated to prevent rusting.


Following are the pros of Rep Fitness Gladiator Bar

  1. It is stainless steel so it doesn’t matter in which weather you train because nothing beats stainless steel. Also steel gives the most natural feel.
  2. The sleeves are smooth instead of being grooved. They are also stainless steel which is unlike for some other companies.
  3. It is affordable unlike some barbells which cost above 400$ and don’t even live up to their price. On the other hand rep fitness best barbell cost is around 269$ for a fully stainless steel barbell.
  4. The bar is aesthetically pleasing it has a clean and flawless finish.
  5. The knurling is on a very low level which is comfortable for squats and bench.
  6. Tensile strength is measured in pounds per square inch and it is the amount of force required to pull the steel and astonishingly it is 230k
  7. Yield strength is the measure of how much a weigh can be weigh by the barbell and rep fitness Olympic barbell has 1500lb


As compared to the pros the cons are only a few and are listed below

  1. As the rep fitness barbell stick to less knurling which is perfect for squats and benches but some people prefer aggressive knurling for dead You may find yourself using more chalk on this bar.
  2. The other con is the warranty. Surprisingly Rep Fitness Gladiator barbell only offers the warranty of 5 years unlike some companies which offer lifetime warranty.Read More About my gym machine


Considering the above pros and cons of the rep fitness is one of the best Olympic barbell in the market. With its affordable price and promise to live up to the mark. Rep fitness is the choice of many Olympic power lifters, athletes and other bodybuilders. Less price and outstanding quality Rep Fitness Gladiator Barbell is our choice.

What are dipping bars?

Dipping bar is a piece of fitness equipment that consist of a u shaped bar usually about 2.5 centimeter. It surrounds the person upper body at the waist. It is designed for the performance of an exercise know as a dip.

How to use a dip bar:

To use a portable dip bar a person should first place the equipment on a mat so that it doesn’t slip. Following the ways in which you can use a dip bar

L-sit position:

This position is obtained when a person holds his body weight above the bars and his chest is locked between his two arms and the legs are stretched out in front of you. Aim to stay in an L position for 15-30 seconds for three rounds. Increase your time according with the increase in your strength.

Push-up progression:

The dip bar can also be used as a parallettes for performing a push up. The user turn the dip bar upside. To perform an inclined push up with his hands on the bar and his feet on the ground. Also to perform deficit push up, in which you allow your body to go above the body to go past top of the bars on the way down.

Inverted rows:

This is done by sitting on the floor between the bars, holding them while your palms are facing inward. You can either straighten your legs or bent them with feet touching flat on the ground. Then lift your hip off the ground and straighten your arms. Pull your chest to the bars keeping your elbows tight.


It is the position in which the user hold his body weight above the bar and let his body suspend while folding his knees. He then allows his upper body to go down keeping his elbows locked in till the point his chest is on the same level as the dipping bars and then he pull his body back up.


The benefits of using the dip bar and variations are that they improve you controlled muscle movement and body control. The other benefit is that it burns more fat as compared to cardio due to more effectiveness. It helps in building upper body mass. It’s a closed kinetic chain exercise which means moving your body while your hands or feet are in a fixed position. Dips simultaneously work opposing muscle group while lifting and lowering.

Hassan Shakeel