Does Virtual Staging Help Sell a House?

It’s not always easy to sell a property. For some, it takes a few years to find a buyer. We can’t blame them, though. Buying an estate involves a huge amount of money. Because of this, many clients like to take their time before they make any decision. Virtual home staging, however, helps investors decide easier and benefits agents too.

What is Virtual Staging?

Staging a home is a marketing tool today that can help you sell a property. It helps buyers visualize the home so it’s easier to see if the property fits their requirements. This also aids sellers to showcase the best features of the estate.

There are two types of home staging. One is traditional home staging and the other is virtual.

Traditional staging allows you to have your home “staged” physically. This means it is decorated. Professional home stagers usually do this kind of job. They also provide neutral items such as pieces of furniture and other props.

Meanwhile, virtual home staging involves graphic design, hence the name. For this type of home staging, designers usually work together to create realistic images of the home. First, they take photos of an empty home. Then they virtually transform them into an aesthetically pleasing, fully-furnished estate. Some companies also offer 3D transformations of the property’s exterior too.

Both can bring positive effects for agents and buyers. However, many people these days prefer the latter more for its added benefits.

Virtual Home Staging Benefits for Selling House

Vacant houses don’t sell as fast as staged homes. In fact, according to a study from the Appraisal Institute, empty homes are sold 6% less compared to occupied ones. This is because it didn’t make much of an impression.

Empty houses look smaller without pieces of furniture. And when there’s nothing to distract the eyes of the viewer, the estate’s flaws become more noticeable.

Staging, however, makes homes look more inviting. It also makes impressions last longer. One of the types of home staging that many agents and sellers prefer these days is virtual staging. While the traditional method can also do your house good, this one is far more beneficial.

Money Saver

First off, virtual staging can save sellers and agents money. Traditional home staging costs hundreds of dollars. Aside from paying a professional, you also have to rent pieces of furniture.

But for virtual home staging, you won’t need to rent anything. You’ll only spend money on the virtual home stager’s service. Sometimes, you can even get to enjoy several features for free.

Time Saver

Since traditional home staging is about physically staging an estate, it requires more time. Aside from transporting the props, setting everything up also takes time. Thus, you’d have to wait a few days or even weeks before you can list your estate.

But with virtual home staging, you won’t have to transport any furniture. You won’t have to wait long. After photographing your estate, all you need to do is wait for at least 24 hours for the results. Everything is done virtually so the turnaround time is faster than the traditional staging method.

Less Effort

Another good thing about virtual home staging is that buyers won’t need to spend a lot of effort. Because traditional staging is usually done where the house stands, buyers often need to travel to see it in person. And it’s not always ideal, especially at this time of pandemic.

But with virtual staging, clients can just stay at home. They can get a closer look at the estate with just a few clicks.

On top of that, you won’t need to exert effort in clearing your space. It’s okay if you still can’t take pieces of furniture out of the way. Digital experts can edit it out if you want to.

Unlimited Options

One of the downsides of traditional staging is that it can only offer limited design options. This is because of the limited pieces of furniture available for rent. Apart from that, it requires more money and effort if you want to make modifications to the property.

Fortunately, you won’t encounter such problems with virtual home staging. With this method, you have unlimited options. This is because it’s easier to configure the design virtually.

You also have countless options for furniture designs. On top of that, you can even change the estate’s paint however you want. You also have the ability to add more accents and extra details. This makes your listing more attention-grabbing. Plus, you can easily make your estate  appeal to the buyers.

Sell Faster

Out of all the advantages of virtual staging, the potential to sell the property faster is probably the most prominent. Due to the speedy turnaround time, it’s faster for you to have it listed. This means potential buyers can see it right away.

Directly Target a Market

Virtual home staging also offers opportunities to tap a specific target market. Since home designs are easier to modify, you can customize both the feel and look of the estate based on your target consumer group. 

For instance, if you’re eyeing on selling a property to millennials, you’ll need a modern design that would cater to them. This is where virtual stagers come into the picture. They can tweak your property’s design to make it more appealing to them.

This can also help appeal to their emotions easily. You can modify your design quickly and add details that can remind them of something.

Buying a house for some is not easy because of the amount of money involved. Real estates don’t come that cheap. Because of this, buyers want to get a closer look at the property before they can decide. Virtual staging, however, can help them decide. 

Through this, they can get more detailed information about the home. This can also help them visualize how the property will fit their needs and wants. This marketing tool also brings countless benefits for agents and sellers and brings them profit faster.