Your Guide to Improving Gaming Experience on Macbooks

Your Guide to Improving Gaming Experience on Macbooks

Playing video games on Macbooks may feel a bit lackluster at times, particularly when you have an older model. At the same time, it is worth noting that the hardware of the most recent Macs have improved a lot, and there are even ways to boost the performance of old Macbooks. And VPNs are very useful for gamers. There are many VPNs, but some of the are very helpful for playing games.

This article should be a good reference to those who have been looking forward to playing some AAA games or improving their current gaming experience. Take the steps below, and you should notice the difference.

Step #1 – Close Redundant Background Apps

The problem of background applications should not be that common in the first place. However, some users forget about it or think that it does not influence the Macbook’s performance. But the reality is quite different.

Launch the Activity Monitor and sort the processes to determine which are consuming the most resources. There should be some apps you can close. And keep in mind that the more resources you free up, the better your laptop will run, particularly when playing video games with high requirements.

Step #2 – Optimize Drive Storage

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Lacking disk space on a Macbook will happen if you are installing video games in addition to already having data on the computer.

A Macbook’s drive does not provide that much space in the first place. To make more storage for video games and maintain at least 15% of total disk space free, you will need to make some adjustments.

For starters, get yourself one of the available optimization apps that can remove temporary system junk, such as app extensions, plugins, caches, and system backups.

It would also help to keep closer tabs on old downloads, applications, and email attachments. You can remove files you no longer need.

Finally, there is an option to keep data on external hard drives, memory sticks, and cloud services.

Step #3 – Remove Dust Inside the Laptop

Too much dirt inside the laptop will harm the internal hardware and slow down the performance. It is tricky to take the laptop apart yourself, so you would be better off taking it to a local service store and leaving the work in the hands of professionals. And do not let this be a one-time thing. If you wait for the dust to accumulate again, it will not be too long before the Mac starts to underperform.

Step #4 – Purchase a Cooling Pad

A cooling pad is a good investment. The accessory is relatively cheap, and it helps with maintaining the temperature of the computer. If you are stuck in a poorly ventilated area playing high-end video games, do not be surprised to feel a high temperature from the computer.

Cooling pads provide fresh air and help maintain optimal temperature. Also, it can work as a resting place for a Macbook if you do not have a proper setup.

Step #5 – Run Games in Full-Screen Mode

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It is recommended to play video games in full-screen mode. Some users may think that window mode is the go-to option. However, when it comes to efficiency, a full-screen is the most optimal choice.

When you play video games in full-screen mode, the computer does not have to process backgrounds, such as the desktop. Meanwhile, a window mode requires the system to manage both the video game and the background.

Step #6 – Get Reliable Anti-Malware Software

The odds of dealing with malware and viruses are relatively low if you are playing video games on a platform like Steam. However, it is other sources on the internet that should concern you.

You need a reliable anti-malware tool that is running in the system background all the time. Whenever antivirus software finds a potential threat, it can eliminate it, meaning that your Macbook is not at risk.

In addition to having good antivirus, pay more attention to where you browse online. Getting a virtual private network would be a good piece of advice.

Step #7 – Invest in New Hardware

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New hardware is cheaper than a new computer. As far as Macbooks go, some of the most popular choices include adding extra RAM, getting an external GPU, and replacing hard drives with solid-state drives.

You can wait for sales in the holiday season if you are in no hurry. This way, you will save even more money on new Macbook hardware.

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Step #8 – Change Game Settings

Game settings are there for a reason. Computers have different hardware specifics and expecting for a game to run on ultra when you have an older model would be a stretch. Thus, you have an option to tinker with the in-game settings and find a variation that suits you.

Change resolutions, texture and detail quality, disable effects like shadows and water reflection. The more time you spend trying to find a balance between the performance and in-game looks, the better off you will be.