Using Gym Machinery To Get Shredded

Gym Machinery to Get Shredded

Do you need to look good by exercising or feel good about yourself by making your dream body, but don’t know how to do so? Then worry not because we have just the right tips for you to get super shredded. Before starting on our dream body goal we often ask ourselves the following question: what is my working out routine will be?  What gym machines should I use? What is a suitable diet for me? How can I get an amazing shredded body? How much time should I give my body during the workout? When I’m done, what will my body look like? And so on. We have all asked these questions and are in desperate need of answers.

The answer to these entire questions in a summary is to work hard and be determined. However, working hard is the key element that will give you the ideal body that you so much desire. But, before you dive in to working out and start using all sorts of different gym equipment like commercial cable crossover machines or Lat pull downs you need to prepare yourself to achieve the maximum effect of the workout.

To prepare yourself completely you should visit gyms ask them about trainers, read online articles about workouts and their side effects, visit websites like Fit For Gym and read their reviews about machines and which machine is best for you. In short you should do our homework before getting into anything. You should also follow the following guidelines to not regret anything later.


  • Don’t go hardcore on cardio, being harsh on cardio will lead you to lose muscle rather than achieving them and instead of a dream body, you will end up with deflated body.
  • Always stay anabolic, never skip a meal and never let yourself feel starved, I repeat NEVER. If you feel that you are not hungry for longer periods then it is happening because your deficit of caloric is low or you are working more than you are eating.
  • Never compromise on your sleep because sleep is a time when your body is healing the small injuries that happened during your workouts, sleep will keep you healthy and help you in building mass and fat burning.   
  • Try to be tan; tanning will give your muscular and attractive body a good look. You can use tanning products like pro tan or dream tan which are somewhat accepted products worldwide.
  • Keep your workouts interesting so that you keep focused on the goal and not lose all the interest in it. Play music or some sort of video while your sessions just to be interesting.
  • Practice in front of or with someone whom you know will appreciate your efforts, it can be a friend, boyfriend/ girlfriend, mother, father or anyone whom you want. Their appreciations and critical analysis will make you more focused on your goal and easy for you to achieve.

After you have made yourself prepared, both mentally and physically; then you should start working out in the gym (preferably under the supervision of a trainer, if it’s your first time). Below is the list of five effective gym machinery which can help you on your journey towards getting shredded.

Five Effective Gym Machinery:

  1. Commercial cable crossover machine: This is one of the most important gym equipment. You can use it to do a variation of exercises, it can also be used to target various muscles. Try and find a gym that has this equipment.
  2. Smith machine: This equipment is for those people who can’t perform workout like squats or bench press due to joint pains. This machine will protect your joints by fixing a motion and helping you greatly in a workout.
  3. Pec Fly machine: This machine is similar to the bench press equipment and helps you in maintaining constant tension in your inner chest. It can help you in achieving striations in the chest.
  4. Leg press: Even if a gym has nothing; it will still have a leg press equipment. Leg press is ideal for construction of muscles in the lower part of your body. However, if you put a lot of weight on the machine then it can injure the spine and sprain it.
  5. Hammer strength: This equipment is one of the best choices for trainees who want to exercise for the chests. You can target the same muscles with this equipment which you target in using the bench press.

Hassan Shakeel