Things You Should Keep in Mind While Traveling Abroad

Traveling is something everybody loves. Exploring different places is generally on the bucket list of all of us. Going out of the country is a dream and if you are living that dream then you must be on cloud nine. Every place on Earth has a different story to tell and consider yourself lucky if you are the one who gets a chance to listen to that story. It is important to “live with no excuses and travel with no regret”- Oscar Wilde.

But, there are certain things that you should keep in mind while going on an international trip. We will tell you about those things in this post so get ready.

Things you should keep in mind while traveling Abroad

Leave a copy of the passport at the hotel

This ensures the fact that you can prove your citizenship in case your passport gets stolen. This will keep you safe and a backup for you to return home. We have seen too many movies to know what happens if you lose your passport. Your daydream becomes a nightmare.

Register with the embassy

The government can always contact you and evacuate you for safety if there is any problem in the country you are visiting. This is the most overlooked point but its better to be safe than sorry.

Keep your money matters sorted

Make sure you are aware of the currency equivalent to your country’s so you don’t end up being left high and dry. Also, confirm that your credit cards work in the country you are visiting and remember, not everyone accepts cards so keep some local money handy.

Learn the basics

Things you should keep in mind while traveling Abroad

Carry guidebook which contains some local language terms which will help you in exploring places and communicate with people. The guidebook contains maps and important places to visit. Bookmark the most famous tourist attractions and do visit some quiet places to introspect.

Do your research

Do research on things people consider offensive in that country and be aware of the laws so that you don’t get into a pickle. Also, find out about some local fest going on at that time to have extra fun.

Do research about the weather so that you carry all the essential pieces of clothing

Keep your snacks handy

Especially if you are a vegetarian. Choosing a vegan-friendly restaurant becomes a task in some countries. So, it’s better to keep some snacks handy than to die of hunger.

Always carry your power bank

Things you should keep in mind while traveling Abroad

You may want to use internet facilities to search for various things while you are in another place. In this case, your phone may end up consuming all of the battery. Keep a power bank to avoid this situation.

Check the country’s entry and exit fee

These charges are excluded from your airline ticket. Some countries charge you for entering and leaving their land. Knowing about the surcharges beforehand is good to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Check with your insurance carrier

In case of emergencies be well prepared. Find out if your medical insurance is valid in other countries as well.

Some insurance policies will fly you back to your own country to receive treatment, others will allow you to seek treatment in the country you are visiting. Do not just stop your research at basic health insurance policy options either. If you have had oral issues before make sure that your dental insurance covers an emergency trip to the orthodontist.

Carry an extra set of clothes

This will prove to be a blessing in case it rains and you are drenched or you plan to stay a bit longer. Or you meet some locals who invite you to a party maybe. In this case, having an extra pair never hurts.

Read reviews and then book

Read reviews of the place you are considering to stay. You can also opt for Airbnb if you want to be more close to the local experience. Reviews are really helpful in choosing the place to stay. Don’t opt for places that have not listed their photographs on the website.


Read about the guidelines for safety. What are the safe hours to roam in the city you are visiting is something you must know to avoid any untoward incident. Women must be extra cautious and must check the crime rate if they are traveling solo.

Local law

Some things are considered offensive in other countries which are common in your homeland. For example, a simple gesture of thumbs up is considered a positive sign in some countries while in countries like Africa, South America it is taken negatively. So better to avoid such things and not offend anyone.

Local food joints

It is a must task to indulge in delicious and scrumptious food while you are in other countries. Exploring local cuisine gives you a better overview of the culture and sentimental values of the people living there. It is once in a lifetime kind of experience so make the most of it.

All these points come in handy when you are planning to visit another country and want to have a seamless and enjoyable experience. Ensuring all the boxes are checked on this checklist leaves no room for some unwanted trouble or embarrassment.

To travel is to live a bit more.