Sport news app: Betting on cricket

This team sport is the second most popular after soccer in terms of the number of fans. Today cricket betting apps are especially common in Britain, South Africa, India, Australia, Pakistan, New Zealand and other countries of the British Commonwealth. As you can see from the geography, bettors can bet on cricket year-round, because there is always a match taking place somewhere. 

The meaning of the game of cricket is as follows: eleven players from the two opposing teams hit the ball so that in the six allotted pitches the striker has time to make the greatest number of runs, that is runs.

The aim of the batter is to reflect the throw to the furthest distance. The main task is to take out ten representatives of the opponent, and the time depends only on the course of the match. Once the task is completed, the players switch roles.

This is a brief excursion into the cricket apps rulebook, but this information is not enough to win. We recommend that all novice bettors carefully study various sources that broadcast useful facts and tell the various nuances of both individual teams and entire tournaments. Once you begin to understand the intricacies, then you are ready to begin. But what to do next?

Pay close attention to the following points:

  1. How well do you understand the rules of the game? The type of bet will depend on this. For example, it is too early to choose double odds, as it is quite a risky venture. It is better to try to predict the outcome of the match or the result of the draw, which gives a fifty percent chance of winning.
  2. Are you ready to learn all the nuances of the upcoming match? Such as the weather forecast in the area where the competition will take place, or the players’ uniforms and changes in the coaching and team squads. If not, live betting, which involves making choices during the game rather than in advance, is the right bet for you.

In any case, preparation is not superfluous, so try to rely on the match in which the most famous teams take part. This way you won’t have trouble finding information about its successes and defeats, and you’ll even be able to watch some games on tape.

Cricket betting tips

Fans’ interest in cricket has not waned for centuries. For this reason, people are actively betting on cricket events in bookmakers’ offices. To bet correctly on cricket, it is enough to study the line carefully. 

The types of bets on cricket are the same as in soccer, basketball or swimming: who will be the winner, who will be the loser. Bookmakers offer high odds for cricket, and it is interesting to watch the game when there are teams from different countries. To get regular winnings from cricket betting, you need to prepare well and develop your cricket betting strategy over time.

Perhaps the most important advice for anyone who wants to bet on cricket is to study the rules of the sport thoroughly, especially since there are many nuances. Of course, it is necessary to know not only the opposing teams, but also their main players. Other important tips are listed below. 

Matches take a long time, so it might be a good decision to go head-to-head with live betting. Without quick actions, you have time to think and evaluate the stakes.

In most cases, teams of similar strength meet within the same tournament, so the odds for the underdog and favorite are not very different. The only exception is national team matches, where the leading teams often win by a wide margin.

On the other hand, the defeat of favorites is a rare event, and so the odds in our betting stores usually reflect the balance of power as closely as possible.

Also keep in mind that weather conditions can affect not only the outcome, but the entire match. It may happen that matches are postponed or even not played due to heavy rain, fog, etc.

How to bet?

There are some peculiarities in cricket betting app that you should know before you even look for or develop any strategies. For example, many BCs bet on the winner in the first innings (a separate period of the match). It often happens that a team of a lower class than its opponent on a good mood and motivation can take the lead in the score. In the live game, many beginners make the mistake of betting on a “struggling” outsider in such cases. In the end, the favorite quietly wins on class and experience, and the bettor loses.

The fact is that match-fixing sometimes happens here. If the odds on the underdog have dropped significantly, it’s a reason to draw conclusions.

It should not be surprising that the same team in one tournament is regarded at most as a strong middleweight, and in another may actually claim to win. The format of the tournament matters. Find out the rules of the tournament you are interested in before you make a bet. In addition, find out which matches are broadcast by the bookmaker, because many broadcasts simply can not be found on the Internet.

Technically, it is very easy to make a bet. Go to the website of the bookmaker’s office, register, select the desired sport, the match of interest and the predicted event. You replenish your account, make a confirmation in the coupon and wait for the calculation of your cricket betting app.

Choosing the best insider

Bookmakers’ lines often include a bet on the best insider. This is the player who has scored the most runs or hit wickets more times than the other competitors. To find out who has the potential to win the title of best insider, it is a good idea to take a look at the pre-match statistics. We recommend betting on the most obvious contender. Of course, the odds will not be the highest (although you need at least 2.00), but if you lose, we will apply Martingale overtaking and refund previous losses.

Strategies that work in cricket betting

In these betting apps there is usually no clear favorite or outsider, as in soccer or hockey. That’s why betting against a favorite is very popular. For instance, a relatively weak New Zealand team can beat a strong Australian team, which is not uncommon between encounters between opponents of different levels.

The main strategies used in betting on cricket:


In general, except for the first two strategies, the others are less effective. Another tip from professional bettors is to bet only on a live cricket betting app, when the results of the draw will be known and you can see the development of the game live.


When choosing one or the other approach to betting apps in India, you need to be guided by your own knowledge and preferences. If you know how to manage a competent bankroll, you can use only financial strategies or combine them with more “narrow” strategic approaches in cricket. There are no specific strategies with high results in cricket, but you can develop your own by analyzing the information and paying attention to seemingly small details.

It is important to choose a good partner – a reliable bookmaker’s office. We recommend analyzing the quotes. While some bookmakers analyze cricket betting app as closely to form odds as they do on more popular sports, others are limited to superficial analysis. Perhaps this will be your chance to catch your luck.