Essential Tips You Need to Know About Picross Puzzle Games

Picross puzzle

Picross puzzle games are logic games in a grid setup. All the cells must be colored or left blank, referring to the numbers on the sides of the grid. The ultimate goal for a picross puzzle game is to reveal a hidden picture. Picross puzzle games are referred to by various names such as Nonograms, Hanjie, Paint by numbers, Griddlers and Pic-a-Pix. A picross puzzle grid is arranged in a row-column setup. The grids are presented in a black and white setup or a colored setup. There is a clue to guide on how to tackle the puzzle for any grid. The following are some tips that will help you understand picross puzzle games more.

What to EXpect in a Picross Puzzle Game

A picross puzzle game is always presented in a grid full of squares and clue numbers on top of the sides of the columns and rows. As the name suggests, these clue numbers are designed to give a hint of how many empty squares in that column or row are there with no existing space(s) between them. For instance, a number 5 clue on top of a column means five consecutive empty squares in that column with no spaces between them.

What is the Objective of Every Picross Puzzle Game?

The uniqueness of every picross puzzle game is that, at the end of every game you get to complete as a player, a hidden picture or animation is revealed for you. Again, for a picrosspuzzle game, more experienced players find it fascinating to compete even after level aiming for more challenging levels. The more time you spend playing picture puzzle games, the more interesting they get. It will be no longer about revealing the hidden picture but testing your intelligence.

Are There Rules In a Picross Puzzle Game?

Yes!. Like every game out there, for it to be exciting and systematic, some simple rules are in place for its players. The following is a list of those rules that you need to be aware of before you begin joining the picrosspuzzle solvers club.

  1. The squares in your grid puzzle should either be filled or left empty.
  2. The numbers on top of every column and at the beginning of every row should guide you on how to work on your puzzle. For example, a ‘2 1 2’ on top of a column means there should be five filled rows along that column. There are two consecutive filled squares, then a space(s), another single filled square, then a space(s), and two consecutive filled squares in that manner, depending on the size of your grid.
  • Your center focus while playing this picrosspuzzle game should be pinpointing the positions of the filled squares and the empty squares across the whole grid.
 Final Remarks

A picross puzzle game is a life-changing experience that can turn into a positive addiction in so many senses. You, as the player, stand to benefit significantly from playing the picrosspuzzle game regularly. But again, if you give it the wrong approach, it will be so hard and disappointing. Just remember, a picrosspuzzle game is a logic game. You can proceed to enjoy your experience with the puzzles.