Electronic Files: Manage Your PDFs in a Stress-Free Way Using PDFBear Tools

You might have used electronic files in PDF format at work or school. It’s a portable file format that most people use for various reasons. Since PDF software compresses your files to make them in small file sizes, it’ll be easy to use them in many ways. You can quickly share them with other devices and even upload them online.

PDFBear Tools

If you have tons of PDFs in your file storage, you’ll be needing a system to help you manage them efficiently. The most reliable platform you can find online is PDFBear. It’s a website that will allow you to use its various tools for free. Check these different tools below and learn how to use each one of them for your electronic files.

PDF Page Remover

If you’ve been using tons of PDF files on your computer or smartphone, you may have noticed that there’s some data or information that needs updates or to take out completely. However, since files in PDF are in a fixed format, it’ll be difficult to apply any changes easily. Thus, you can use the helpful tool of PDFBear online for free, which is the PDF page remover.

It’s a tool that allows you to delete PDF pages that are no longer necessary. You only need to upload the PDF files on the PDFBear tool online. Enter or choose the page numbers you want to take out from the entire file. Then, tap the “Apply Changes” button so the system will process your request right away.

The process won’t take much of your time. In fact, it gets done within a few seconds, and you’re done. You can now download the PDF files without the pages you’ve successfully removed. That’s how simple it is to delete pages in your PDF files.

Repair PDF Tool

One of the essential tools of PDFBear that most people need is the repair PDF tool. As its name suggests, the tool will repair any damaged PDF files, making them usable again for whatever purpose they may serve best. Just upload your damaged files on the online PDFBear tool. Then, the system will initiate the process of recovering your files.

However, some files may be unfeasible to fix due to the enormous damage, or a computer virus might have completely corrupted them. But for those files that can still be fixed, PDFBear can still recover them using the repair tool. You can then expect either a complete or partial recovery of your corrupted files.

File Merger

The file merger of PDFBear is quite common to most users. It’s an online tool that will allow you to merge different PDFs in a single file. You might have an experience having difficulty looking for a particular PDF file in your disorderly computer folder. It’ll surely cause you stress. That’s why you need to use the file merger of PDFBear.

Using the tool, you can combine multiple PDFs with the same content to accomplish the same tasks. You may also unify some files with the same creation date. You can employ other ways of categorization that will work well for you. Next time when you need a particular file, you would know which file you’ll be searching for. Hence, it’ll surely make your job easy with your PDF files.

PDF Protect Tool

The PDF protect tool of PDFBear will help you protect your files from unauthorized access. The files you have may contain valuable data and information that you surely don’t want to share with people you don’t know. Hence, it will be better to set up a password for your PDF files, and PDFBear will be of big help to activate one.


It’s not easy to manage tons of PDF files, especially if it’s part of your job description at work. However, the list of online PDFBear tools discussed above can turn things around. With the help of these different tools, you’ll surely enjoy managing all of your PDF files every day in a stress-free way. If you haven’t tried using any of these before, visit the website of PDFBear now to see what else the platform can offer for your PDF files.