Best way to enjoy your Mumbai trip

Are you planning a trip to Mumbai? Then you are at the right place. Mumbai is a place of dreams and also a place of extremes. While on one side of the city, you could witness the largest slums in the country on the other hand you would see the richest buildings in the world as well. Mumbai is the economic capital of India. It is also the centre of the Bollywood industry and cultural events. Situated on the coastal land of Arabian Sea. Mumbai has always been one of the most important cities of the Indian subcontinent. Even in the British colonial era, it was an influential port used to trade all sorts of goods throughout the world. In the present day India, the city holds utmost importance as well.

Mumbai trip

If you are traveling to Mumbai, making sure that your accommodation is comfortable and relaxing is very important. The weather and rush of the city can easily get to you and make you feel tired. Therefore, one of the best choices for your accommodation in Mumbai should be Juhu beach. It is one of the finest hotels in Mumbai that would offer you the best hospitality in the city and would make you feel at home.

What is the best time to visit Mumbai?

If you are visiting Mumbai, then the best time to do so would be in the winter months. The city experiences heavy rainfall during the months of April to September. Travelling during that period would not be one of the best experiences. The winter months are moderate and would be a pleasant time to enjoy the city.

The top destinations you must visit in Mumbai

Mumbai is a mix of ancient architecture as well as modern buildings. Its history is also mixed and the city is an evidence of the same. Some of the most important destinations that you must visit in Mumbai are as follows:

Gateway of India

Built in 1911, the monument was an iconic structure built to commemorate the visit of King George V and Queen Mary on their first visit to India.  It is synonymous as the iconic face of Mumbai. Visiting the gateway of India is a no-brainer and looks beautiful during the day as well as night. As the legend goes, the archway seems even more magnificent from the Arabian sea. The best time to visit this monument would be right before the evening so that you can witness the beautiful sunset and enjoy a boat ride as well.

Marine drive

Marine drive is also known as the queen’s necklace. It is a 4 km long promenade located in the south of Bombay. This place is of great significance in the nightlife of Mumbai. At night the whole Marine drive turns into a carnival of life and hustle. The locals as well as the tourists flock around this place to enjoy the cool breeze from Arabian sea and have a soulful night. Marine drive has an amazing walkway which you could enjoy at night as the city lights up on one side and the waters of the Arabian sea glisten on the other.

Colaba market

If you are a shopaholic or someone who enjoys exploring new things, Colaba causeway is the perfect choice for you. This is a business road which has several tiny shops as well as showrooms lined up on either of its side. You will find ancient showpieces, local craftsmanship, beautiful garments, shoes and even gems in this place. This place is famous for its merchandise and has something for everyone. The prices ranging from affordable to extravagant makes Colaba causeway one of the most diverse markets in the world.

Siddhivinayak temple

Dedicated to the Lord Ganesha, the Siddhivinayak temple is famous for its architecture and beautiful craftsmanship. It was constructed in 1801 when thousands of devotees flooded around it every single day. Local folklore says that the wishes and prayers asked for in this temple are always answered. The temple was initially a local small temple but it was renovated and developed in the latter half of 20th century. After several renovations and designing, the majestic temple stands to its present day beauty. As the temple is quite popular, you can face long queues if you are visiting in the busy hours. If possible you should visit the temple during the early hours of the morning to have a peaceful visit.

Elephanta caves

Also known as the Gharaparuchi Leni, the elephanta cave is situated on elephanta Island. This whole cave temple complex is approximately 60000 square feets. The interesting thing about this temple complex is that it is entirely built out of solid natural rock of the cave. The pillars supporting the cave temple are intricately carved from the natural Rock itself. Even the statues of deities are carved sculptures made out of the rock of the cave. Elephanta caves have 7 major caves with the central chamber that has excellent beauty. Each cave has his own beauty and significance which can be explored when you learn of its history too. The caves were designated as UNESCO World Heritage site in 1987. As the caves are situated on the island, it is not advised to visit the place during monsoon months. The best time to visit this destination would be from November to February.

There are many more places to explore in Mumbai and a lot more to learn about the city’s history as well. As you take a deeper dive into the city’s significance and excellence, you would need a place to relax and unwind. One of the best hotels to do so would be beach. This hotel can help you get the best possible view of Mumbai while having a relaxing environment. The best ways to enjoy Mumbai is along with its amazing cuisine and nightlife. Have a taste of what it is like to live in Mumbai with your relaxing trip.