How to create an order form with PandaDoc?

Today more and more people associate their activities with the Internet. Most purchases of goods or services are made with the help of the World Wide Web. For the successful and fast operation of the online store, it is necessary to develop an optimal order form. This can be done independently or by using an order form sample. The speed of processing the order depends on the correct design of the form. Such a form should contain a minimum set of necessary information about the buyer and the selling company. The simpler the form is, the easier it will be for the potential customer to fill it out. It is necessary to take into account all these nuances, so that the number of visitors to the site and the number of orders are growing every day.

How to create an order form?

There are no clear standards for the design of such documentation. However, you should make sure that after placing an order, you have all the information you need about the buyer that will be necessary for your further work. Sample of the order form directly depends on the field of activity of the company.  The order form should contain the following information:

  1. The necessary details about the company and the customer.
  2. The date and number of the order.
  3. The shipping address and method of delivery.
  4. Indication of the cost of the product, its description and exact quantity.
  5. Contacts of the buyer or client.

You should also take care of the order form. For the convenience of visitors to your site, it is worth ensuring the accessibility of the form, the number of items should be minimal, and an automatic check of the correctness of the fields should be carried out. Also, the necessary information about the client must be saved after closing the tab or refreshing the page. To make it more convenient for users, the questions should be divided into groups and put in order. It should be convenient to order a product not only from the computer, but also from the phone.

Why is it profitable to use electronic document management?

Today more and more companies, regardless of their type of business, are moving to electronic forms of documents. The transition to electronic media is able to significantly increase the productivity of the company, besides it has a positive impact on the following nuances of working with documents:

  1. The speed of document circulation. There is no more need to print them out, which is already a paper savings and eliminates the need to buy office equipment. In addition, paper documents need to be stored somewhere. An electronic document is a file that is easy to transfer or edit. As a rule, several employees of a company have access to these documents.
  2. Automation of work with documents. Using modern document management systems, you can easily set up an automated process of working with papers, this significantly saves time and human resources.
  3. The need for an archive room completely disappears.
  4. Thanks to the software from PandaDoc company, it is absolutely safe to store such documents, because all information is encrypted, the cryptography protection during transmission works, there is a data backup, and the access to the documents of the employees can be controlled.

Remote access is a great advantage for employees or managers who have to work remotely for whatever reason. It is possible to work with an electronic archive from anywhere with Internet access.

Any document can be signed with an electronic signature and it has the same legal effect as its paper counterparts. It is possible to connect to the document management system from any browser and it does not require any special equipment.