Edit Tips for YouTube Videos

YouTube is an online platform for accessing and sharing videos. It is one of the most significant subsidiaries of Google. On average, each day, it gets 1 billion views per day, and every minute approximately 300 hours of video is being uploaded.

It is a common assumption that it requires plenty of skill and high investments to make good quality videos. This doesn’t seem right.

The fact is you don’t need a Master’s degree in Media Science or thousands of dollars to create videos that will get public recognition. What you actually need is a good video editor that will allow you to create mind-blowing videos without any delay.

Few Editing Tips for YouTube Videos

  1. Selecting good video editors is very important

Selecting a good video editing tool can be the key to how popular the video you upload becomes. The key features that you must be looking for when you are selecting a video editing tool are that it must have tools that can be used very easily. For example, you can use In video, an online video making, and editing tool. 

It makes it simple for YouTube content makers with limited or no experience in video editing to edit their content without any trouble.   

It has a library consisting of high quality templates and stock videos. In addition to this, it allows you to modify your videos by adding different elements like music, unique fonts, overlays, etc. 

The presence of such features reduces the time taken by you to edit your videos.

  1. Divide editing into various sections

Before implementing this tip, I hope that you have selected an editing tool that you are comfortable with.

Now let’s look into editing in more detail.

The ABC’s of video editing are:

  • Arranging- Bringing together your ideas, information, and other necessary things that you feel are necessary for your video. 
  • Building Up- Insert pop-up images and texts, animations, music, etc. 
  • Circulate- Finally, upload your video on YouTube and other platforms.

Following this would help you to edit and upload videos on YouTube faster.

Let me describe for you the ABC’s in a more detailed manner. I am sure this would help you add a spark to your video.

Arranging- Bringing together your ideas, information

In this step, what you have to do is collect videos, captions, and necessary content for your video. Now you have to use the content you have collected to put it in a cohesive unit.

I would suggest you make this work even simpler by making use of scripts and storyboards. What these basically do is help you to organize your thoughts and ideas that you want to put into the video. 

Once you have collected everything needed, you need not wait anymore. Dive in and start editing your video.  

Put together videos from various sources. Make the necessary cuts to your videos. What it does is it helps you to eliminate your errors. Cuts can be used at any point in time from Arranging till before Circulating your video.

Never worry while cutting your videos. Your video editing app will have the undo feature that will help you revisit what you have edited from the video.

Building Up- Insert pop-up images and texts, animations, music, and more!

Building up your video by inserting images and texts, animations, music is very easy. Whatever editor you might be using, there will be multiple options for overlaying.

The use of transitions and adding motions to your overlays can be very helpful because it helps you to move from one slide to another smoothly.

Using the feature of effects can help you to enhance your video and give you the edge over people who are uploading content of the same genre.

Add animations to your videos. Put in texts and use pop-up features in videos to provide headlines. These things would help you gather the undivided attention of the viewers.

In any video, music plays a crucial role in gaining the interest of YouTubers. It creates a soothing environment for the viewers. You can choose and assemble music from YouTube’s Audioswap library. It consists of a wide genre of music having over 150,000 audio files from which you can make your choice. You need to ensure that you have the right and permission to use that audio. 

Following this step would help you to capture the attention of the audience quickly. It is observed that 20% of the YouTubers who play a video don’t spend more than 10 seconds if they don’t find your video interesting. So have a very good intro and make sure that the first impression that your video makes lasts. 

Circulate- Finally upload your video on YouTube

After completing the A’s and B’s, let’s move on to C that is ‘Circulation’ of your video. Now what you need to do is connect yourself on YouTube by signing up and then create your free YouTube username. Pick a name that generally describes the kind of content you are going to upload. Make sure that the username does not have more than 20 characters. Then all you need to do is upload your video on YouTube. Save your video as MP4, FLV, AVI, etc. formats. All of these formats are accepted by YouTube.

To get the best traction on YouTube, you can do the following:

  • Optimize the title and description– This is the key for your video to get publicity. Using keywords in the title and description would help others to find your content.
  • Using Thumbnail– What thumbnails do is that it helps you to attract viewers more efficiently. Since everyone gets their first impressions by what they visualize first.
  • Use Cards and Annotations– These are clickable links that superimpose on your video. By using this feature, you can provide links to other videos of your channel as well as ask your viewers to subscribe to your channel.


By following these tips, I am sure you would be able to create a fantastic video. If you think about this entire process, it’s exciting and does not require rocket science. All you have to do is to stop thinking about how to edit videos for YouTube and choose a video editor that you are comfortable with, and the rest is just a cakewalk.