Best gifts for a coffee lover

gifts for a coffee lover

There is always a friend or loved one in our life who cannot function without their coffee. Buying a gift for coffee aficionados is an easy task as a lot of trendy and stylish coffee gifts are available in the market. The best part is that many of these gift items are affordable finds. So, without wasting any more time, let us dive into some of the best gifts for a coffee lover.

Coffee mugs

A lot of coffee lovers boast about their unique collection of mugs. They love drinking coffee in their favorite mug. Thus, there is no thinking twice about buying a sturdy mug for a person who gets excited about their coffee mug collection. Buy a ceramic mug as a gift as they have a longer life and don’t crack on pouring hot coffee. A lot of designer mugs printed with a specific quote or character can also be bought for gifting. There are endless choices available in the coffee mug category.

Coffee grinders

Generally, coffee lovers like to brew their coffee instead of visiting a café for one. The coffee grinder makes for a great gift for such folks. By using the grinders, they can crush the beans to ground form easily. These grounded beans can be used to brew a perfect coffee instantly. Having a grinder at hand will make it easy for them to buy any coffee bean flavor that they like. A wide variety of grinders are available in the market. Before buying one, check for features like type, grinding setting, and capacity.

Coffee pods

Coffee pods are pre-portioned coffee wrapped in a paper filter. These can be dipped directly in hot water to make instant coffee. Coffee pods come in many unique flavors and are easy to carry as well. Moreover, these pods are biodegradable and can be composted also. Such a unique gift will motivate your loved one to start living an eco-friendly lifestyle.

French press

French press, also known as cafetière, is a coffee brewing device. This gift is good for someone who loves making coffee the old-style way. It is a very simple and beautiful device designed by the French in 1852. It is portable enough to fit in any kitchen. You can pick from stainless steel or glass-based designs whichever you find suitable as a gift.


Coffee fanatics are particular about coffee flavors. You can give them a packaged-set of the flavored coffee that they like a lot. If they love trying new flavors, then you can also give them new beans and roasts to experience a different flavor. These unique flavors will introduce a new world of taste and fragrance to them. Countries like Central and Southern America, Italy, Africa, etc. produce some of the best-flavored coffee. Gift a different and exciting flavor to surprise your loved one.


Coffee lovers enjoy the coffee most when it’s hot. This makes a stainless steel coffee thermos an ideal gift for them. A lot of compact and portable thermos is available in the market that keeps the coffee steaming hot. They are even easy to use and wash. Being double-walled, not only is the coffee hot but also there is no transfer of the odor from bottle to the brew. Thermoses are best suited for workplaces and outdoor locations.

Coffee chocolate bars

The espresso-fueled version of chocolate is currently in demand in the market. These bars are made from unused coffee beans after being roasted. This reduces a lot of wastage which would have happened by throwing the roasted coffee beans. The chocolate bars produced are roasty, creamy, and good to taste.

Coffee themed goodies

Coffee lovers love to flaunt anything associated with coffee. Gifting them coffee themed items is not a bad idea at all. Products like t-shirts, jewelry, socks, wall art, calendars, etc., designed on the coffee theme are easily available in the market. You can pick a unique design for gifting from various online portals.

These are some of the coffee-related items you can buy for the coffee-lover family member or friend. There is no doubt that the person whom you are gifting these will love these. Do share with us if you have any other suggestions for coffee-based gift items in the comments section below.