Top 10 Most Popular Java Script Frameworks

JavaScript is one of the leading programming languages available for web. It is a multi-paradigm language which supports event-driven, functional, object-oriented and prototype-based programming methods. In the beginning, JavaScript was only used on the client-side. But now, JavaScript is being used for server-side programming also. 

In the last few years, various new JavaScript libraries and frameworks are released worldwide. Therefore, choosing the best framework to work on is tough. If you are also confused and what to know on which framework you should develop your next web or mobile app project, then you have reached the right place.

In the blog, we will provide a list of the 10 Most Popular JavaScript Framework that you can rely on for building awesome websites, mobile apps, and desktop applications.

Best JavaScript Frameworks around the world

1. AngularJS 

AngularJS is the leading JavaScript framework developed by Google that can be utilized for developing desktop as well as mobile web apps. It is widely used by developers around the globe to build highly-interactive single-page applications (SPAs). 

As a component-based framework, AngularJS provides some of the advantages like code reusability, easier maintenance, improved testing, and higher readability.

Some of the popular apps built using AngularJS are Nike, Sony, Forbes, etc. If you want to develop an app using the best framework, then you can hire angularjs developers from a reputable company.

2. ReactJs

React is one of most-famous JavaScript Libraries, which is developed by Facebook. It has become famous because of its simplicity as well as adaptability. It is used to build dynamic and highly-interactive user-interfaces. The use of Virtual DOM and one-way data flow has greatly affected how developers build software applications.

Popular apps like Instagram, Facebook, Netflix, etc. are built using React Library.

3. VueJS

VueJs is an open-source and progressive JavaScript framework for developing user interfaces. The main reason why it became popular is because of its flexibility. VueJS can be easily integrated into any of the popular JavaScript Libraries. 

Moreover, it’s dual integration mode is best for developing high-quality single-page applications. Around 36,000 websites presently depend on vue. Various popular sites like PlayStation, Behance, etc. go with Vue for their user-interface.

4. NodeJS

Node.Js is an open-source, server-side JavaScript runtime framework that is developed on Google Chrome’s V8 Engine. 

The best benefit of using NodeJS is that it enables you to build an entire web app using just JavaScript. The framework can drive asynchronous I/O using its event-driven architecture.   

As of now, there are more than 1,30,000 websites that rely on NodeJS framework.

Some of the popular websites such as PayPal, LinkedIn, Yahoo, etc. are built using NodeJS. 

5. BackboneJS

Backbone is a JavaScript library with a RESTful JSON interface.It follows Model, View, and Presenter architecture. 

It enables to build and structure client-side apps that run across different browsers. Also, it lets developers develop Single Page Applications and speeds up the task of front-end implementation. 

Presently, about half-million websites are using Backbone such as Trello,, AirBnB, etc.

6. EmberJS

Ember is a JavaScript web framework that was released back in 2015. It allows developers to create highly-scalable single-page apps by integrating the best resources present in the framework. 

It consists of two-way data-binding and therefore, create a trustworthy platform to manage complex user interfaces.

Ember was also considered as the most popular JavaScript framework. Also, there are around 6000+ websites built using Ember. Some popular sites built on EmberJS include Apple Music, Intercom, Twitch, etc.

7. MeteorJS

Meteor or MeteorJS is an open-source JavaScript framework that is written in NodeJS. It is widely used for developing next-gen web and mobile applications. 

It allows developers to perform a lot of tasks such as handling of the database, business logic and build front-end of the website.

As of now, more than 18,000 websites are running on Meteor. Sites like Telescope, etc. utilize Meter to develop their UI.

8. PolymerJS

Polymer is a popular JavaScript library that is built by Google. It enables you to build custom reusable HTML elements, which can be utilized to create high-performance and reliable web applications.

The main difference between Angular and Polymer is that Angular is a fully-functional framework used for developing web apps, while Polymer is a library used to build web components. 

As compared to other frameworks, Polymer is built in a way to utilize all the features that are available on the web to allow developers to create components. It is one of its kind of library which enables to develop interactive apps by utilizing web components. 

As of now, 3000+ websites are running on Polymer. Sites present in this list are,, etc.

9. AureliaJS

Aurelia is one of the latest JavaScript frameworks. It is next-gen JavaScript framework as it allows developers to build highly robust and seamless websites. It provides the best solution for web development, app development and desktop development.

The framework is highly expandable as it allows developers to add or remove various tools and libraries as per their convenience. 

Currently, around 800+ websites are running on AureliaJS. This includes TheLott, Ordami, Filee, etc. 

10. Mithril.Js

MithrilJs is basically use for the client-side. It is very lightweight and mainly used to create Single Page Applications (SPAs). It is somewhat like React and provides additional features as compared to React. 

Using MithrilJS, developers can handle all the UI issues with ease. It consists of inbuilt modules like routing, XHR, etc. which are widely useful to developers.


Here, we have provided you with the list of most popular JavaScript frameworks worldwide. It’s clear that AngularJs is the widely used JavaScript framework. If you want to develop your next web or mobile application, then we recommend you consider AngularJs Developer for hire from a leading development company. They will provide you with the best solution as per your requirement.