6 Tips to Pick a Good SAT_ACT Maths Teacher

6 tips to pick a good SAT_ACT maths teacher

It is good to know that you have started preparing for your SAT/ACT examination. Securing good scores on either of these exams will help you in getting into a good college. Some colleges can also offer you a scholarship if your score is high. Thus, it is important to focus and create a proper studying schedule to crack the SAT or the ACT examination.

Students generally find the maths section to be the toughest in these examinations. If you feel that getting additional help or mentoring for mathematics will help you in cracking the examination, then you must hire a good teacher. There are a lot of teachers who offer their services as tutors, but it is hard to find a good and effective math tutor who can help you with ACT math practice tests. There are some ways by which you can recognize an effective math tutor. Let’s have a look at these tips.

Subject knowledge

The tutor should have command in mathematics. He or she should be a master of their niche. You can test their knowledge of the subject by asking them to fill a mathematics questionnaire. Their performance will give you an idea about their knowledge of the subject. You can also reach out to reputed institutions that offer tutoring services. The teachers that work with them have verified credentials so you can trust them blindly. Don’t make the mistake of hiring a tutor whose knowledge in mathematics isn’t exceptional.

Top test scores

The tutor that you are planning to hire should have scored a high ACT or SAT score. Generally, teachers who scored within the 90th percentile or higher in the SAT or ACT are good to hire for tutoring. The reason we say this is that since the tutor themselves have given the exam, they know each and every detail of the test. They will also be better prepared to teach you the subject. Do validate their SAT or ACT scores by checking the detailed scorecard.


Compassion is a great quality to have. Without compassion, the skills of your tutor would be of no use. He or she should care about their students. This shows the motivation that they bring in to teach you. If a tutor is not invested in your studies and future, then there is no point in selecting him or her. Ideally, the tutor should treat you like their little sibling and then work with you to improve your understanding of mathematics.

Art of teaching

If a tutor doesn’t know how to teach a subject, then their knowledge doesn’t matter. Your tutor should be able to explain and teach you the concepts easily. The tutor should be able to avoid awkwardness and make friends with you so that you feel comfortable during the sessions. There is no thumb rule with which you can judge a tutor on these lines. But, you can ask for references from them and check with the students whom they have taught in the past. Select a tutor with positive feedback and a good track record of teaching mathematics.

Long-term planning and time management

Time management isn’t an easy task. Students alone won’t be able to plan their studies. The tutor you are planning to hire should have good planning skills. He or she should be able to create study timelines and be diligent in completing sessions on time. Students get rusty very quickly, hence revisions should also be done on a timely basis. In short, the tutor should be able to handle the preparation holistically.


Everything in the world is dependent on trust. When you are hiring a tutor, you are believing in his or her credentials and goodness. Since your future is dependent on the tutor, trust becomes an important factor. Looking at a tutor’s credentials shows their trustworthiness. Thus, do a complete background check before hiring one.

Keep the above-mentioned points in mind, before you select a maths tutor for yourself or your child. Do proper research, and don’t feel shy about changing a tutor if you feel the one you hired isn’t good enough. Starting early is the key, as finding slots for good tutors will become difficult at the last moment. We wish you the best for your ACT or SATs.