Path of Exile – Trading and Selling Guide

Here is how to use resources for selling those expensive PoE items.

As you begin to make your way through Path of Exile, you may start to notice something about the items that you are accumulating. Perhaps you have an inventory full of profitable items that are of no use to you, and you want to get rid in exchange for PoE currency. On the other hand, you might be waiting to come across the item that you are looking for, but to no avail. This is where the likes of PoE Trade and such come in.

PoE Trading

One feature that makes Path of Exile stand out (for better or worse) is the currency and trading system it uses. It doesn’t opt for the traditional routes taken by other games of this style, ditching the use of gold for the likes of the PoE orb, scrolls and alternate kinds of PoE currency. With the variety of currency items, this raises the issue of there not being universal prices for items. The bartering system in place, with the exception of vendors, means we have to use other methods of trading instead.

If you were to trade with others in the game, then you’re going to have to do it manually. There isn’t the standard auction house or mail system to use, so first we need to find a buyer. When you do, get their in-game name and send them a party invite. Find the item of interest in your inventory then move it over to the trade menu. The buyer will have whispered to you by now what item they are looking for.

Check the prices are what you want them to be then accept the trade to complete it. As you can see, it’s a very old fashioned way of trading, which is why there are resources such as PoE Trade available to take things into a bit more depth.

How to Use PoE Trade

Thankfully, the PoE Trade website is a great alternative that we can use. To get started, first you need to head over to Next, we’ll be looking for the item that we need, but make sure that you’ve chosen the correct league before you do this. After finding the item you were looking for, find the ‘whisper’ icon near it and click on it. This copies a set of text pointing those selling to the right item.

You’ll now have to wait until that player is online. When the player does appear, they’ll respond to your request and send you an invite to their hideout. This is where the exchange will take place, so ensure you have your PoE currency ready. When you’re in the hideout, you can then finish off the trade and move on.

Selling with Acquisition

Meanwhile, those looking to sell items can check out the resource known as The Acquisition. Firstly, download the app before heading to the Path of Exile forum. Take a look in the trading section and choose the relevant league. Start off a new thread detailing the items that you have available in your inventory.

Next, start up The Acquisition app and log in. You will also be required to choose your league here as well. Go onto the shop, and the forum shop thread, before locating your forum thread. Go up to the number in your URL and copy/paste it into your app. From here, head over to the official Path of Exile website and ask for your URL in a message to poexyzis. Keep an eye out for a reply that has your URL in it. After you get it, copy it into The Acquisition app. Finally, check out the ‘autorefresh online status’ to complete the process. This will then allow others to see your inventory, and start to send you offers for your items. What’s more, you’ll be able to set the prices that you wish to receive for your items too.

From reading this, you’ll have noticed that even trading needs some kind of explanation in Path of Exile. It isn’t just PoE currency and such that takes some researching, but these are all aspects of what makes Path of Exile so unique. It will eventually get to the point where grinding is starting to feel obsolete when you can’t find the items that you want. At the same time, if you have an inventory crammed with expensive items, you might as well make a PoE orb or two selling them to those who do need it. Hopefully now, you will have a clearer outlook and what it takes to master trading and selling in PoE.

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