Everything You Need To Know To Buy PSVR Lens Inserts

Your experience with virtual reality games and apps will be compromised if you don’t have the proper kind of VR lenses. To properly use a digital device in the real world, you need to look inside it. To troubleshoot, we’ve compiled a list of the products and opinions that might help you find what lenses are right for you.

What are PSVR lenses?

PSVR lenses are small optical devices that attach to your headset to improve the viewing experience. There are several different types of PSVR lenses, each with their own purpose.

You can buy PSVR lenses online to customize your VR experience. There are various types of lenses available. The binocular lens is the initial type of PSVR lens. Binocular lenses divide the screen in half horizontally and vertically, giving each eye a more realistic image. They’re perfect for games that require you to use both of your eyes (like Robo Recall), or for when you want to use a gamepad in front of your face (like Death Stranding).

The second type of PSVR lens is the touchpad lens. Touchpad lenses let you control the player avatar using a finger on the touchpad built into the headset. They’re perfect for games that require precise finger movement (like Destruction Derby), or when the distance between you and the TV is an issue (like Beat Saber). The third type of PSVR lens is the wide-angle.

Types of PSVR lenses

If you’re looking to get your hands on some PlayStation VR lens inserts, there are a few different types to choose from. 

The first type is the ‘flat’ lens, which is just a circular piece of plastic that slides into the front of the PlayStation VR headset. These lenses are typically less expensive than the other options and don’t offer as wide of a viewing area. 

The second type of lens is the ‘ugly box’ lens, which looks like a small cardboard box with a circle cut out at one end. The advantage of this type is that it offers an even wider viewing area, as well as being more comfortable to wear because it’s smaller and has no wires attached. 

The final option is the ‘wrap around’ lens, which looks like a flexible band wrapped around your head. This type of lens provides the widest view possible and can be worn for longer periods without becoming uncomfortable.

How do I order my lenses?

If you’re looking to buy a PSVR lens insert, there are a few things you need to know first. 

First and foremost, you’ll need to find the correct size for your PSVR headset. You can find this information on the headset itself or on the PlayStation website. Once you know your headset’s size, you can order your lenses from one of the following places: the PlayStation Store, Amazon, or directly from Sony. 

Each online store has its own shipping charges, so be sure to compare before making your purchase. And last but not least, make sure to read product reviews before making your decision. They can give you insight into how other people have used the lens insert and what problems they encountered.

Benefits of PSVR prescription lens inserts

Today, we are going to be discussing the many benefits of PSVR prescription lens inserts. By correcting your vision, these inserts can add an extra level of immersion to your PSVR experience. Here are just a few of the many benefits: 

  1. They can help reduce your headaches and eyestrain.
  2. They can make gaming more comfortable because they change the focus of your field of view.
  3. They make pictures and videos look clearer, giving you a better understanding of what is happening onscreen.
  4. They help improve how realistic graphics look, making them a great investment for gamers who are interested in improving their VR experience.

These benefits are just a few of the many that come with using PSVR prescription lens inserts. If you are looking to upgrade your VR experience, then purchasing these inserts is a great way to do so!

How long is the PSVR lens’ lifespan?

PSVR lenses are built to last for a few months, but they can eventually start to lose optical clarity. It’s common for lenses to eventually need to be replaced.

PSVR lens tutorial:

If you’re thinking of picking up a pair of PlayStation VR lens inserts, we’ve got everything you need to know in this handy guide. Here, we’ll cover the different types of inserts on the market, how to choose the right size for your eyes, and how to install them yourself. Plus, we’ve got a few tips on how to get the most out of your VR experience using the lenses!

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