Digital Marketing Certification Process

Digital Marketing Certification

Digital Marketing Certification Process

In this paragraph, Digital Marketing is basically the online marketing asset. This is widely common in today’s scenario. Internet is being the most important thing in today’s generation. Many people depend on this internet services indirectly for their livelihood. Earlier employees use to run from one place to another who use to work in the marketing field. Then the invention of Digital Marketing made the lives much easier. There are seven types of Digital Marketing Certification. There are 4 P’s which the people in Digital Marketing follow. They are Process, People, Platform and Perform. This helps in offering new ways which would reach the needs of the customers.

Requirements for selecting a training provider:

Candidate who is preparing for getting certified in the field of Digital Marketing has to go through the content course thoroughly before getting into any if the training sessions. The course of training session should include the main areas like SEO, Web Analysis, Advertising on the online platform, Landing Page and Conversation Rate Optimization, Marketing of Social media, Email marketing. The candidate should have all the information about the session i.e., who created the content of the course and who will deliver the training session. The trainer should have an interactive experience. The course should also have a proper case study.

OMCP Certification

Online Marketing Certified Professional (OMCP) is one of the most recognized industry standards for a certification in the online medium of marketing. This helps in the verification of the dedication a member gives in the professional development by taking into consideration the active participation of the members in the industrial group and event. This also conducts exams for the primary as well as the experienced professionals in the field of Digital Marketing. The course available for the OMCP is for every individual, may it be a fresher or a decade experienced employee. The OMCP has no training of itself. The reputed universities, associations related to marketing, companies and the marketing professionals all around the globe supports OMCP.

Certification levels

There are two levels of Digital Marketing certification. They are OMCA and OMCP.

OMCA is the beginning of the certification for the professionals working on the online platform of marketing. This is basically designed for those practitioners who have almost negligible or no experience in the field of Digital Marketing.This helps in building up the foundation about the concepts and practice of the online marketing. This helps in signifying a complete knowledge about the concept of online marketing and best practices across many such disciplines of Digital Marketing.

Eligibility for the Certification

For OMCA Certification, a candidate has to score 70% or more in the examination, should have a secondary degree or equivalent to it and has an experience of 600 hours online marketing or a proof of fulfillment of an OMCP Approved course within six months of preceding to the application whereas for OMCP Certification, candidate should have a four-year degree with 2000 hours of experience and has to pass the OMCP exam or complete the approved course within the time period of 12 months.

Something about the Exams conducted to achieve the Certification

Both the exams are examined by the remote supervisor giving the aspirants the opportunity to choose a particular day and time by their own to appear the exam. The OMCA Exam has the time duration of 75 minutes and covers the concept of Fundamental principles of Content Marketing, Social Media,Mobile Marketing etc. The OMCP Exam is of 2 hours 15 minutes in which 75 minutes is the time duration for the base exam and the rest 30 minutes is for the elective exam. Moreover, candidate needs to clear the exam to get promoted for the elective. The OMCP Certification lasts for only a year. Then it has to be renewed again. The OMCP exam covers up all the expertise used to increase the presence of online platform and reputation of a business, product or service.


Finally, Digital Marketing is nowadays high in demand and to get better job facilities and promotion one can easily have the above certifications which will be very useful.