How content writing is changing the game of marketing

Bill Gates once said content is king. Content writing this saying is most relevant to digital marketing. But we live in a world of Virtual reality and TikTok. Our world is full of voice automation and podcats. So, is content writing still changing the world of marketing in the age of videos and voice automation? Absolutely! Content writing is the lifeblood of SEO. Written content is essential to convert customer clicks to sales.

content writing

Read below how excellent content writing is continuing to change the world of marketing:

  • Content writing = better SEO

There are almost 600 million blogs in the world. It is easy to lose your voice in such a highly saturated market. But well-written content is always marketable. The most important thing for digital marketing is SEO. It is how a person finds your website when they use Google. Google has introduced the no-click search option that uses SEO magic. This option displays search engine result pages at the top of the Google search result. It is the first thing users see when they look for something. This position is called position zero. Position zero will be the next frontier for brands since more than 60% of Google searches are no click searches.

You can boost SEO through content writing. Use keywords in your work. Make engaging content. Think about appealing blog post ideas for businesses. Content writing is changing marketing by being relevant for maximum user engagement, so don’t discount it just yet.

  • Content writing is cheap:

Content writing is changing the world of marketing, as it is the cheapest way to advertise. We’re all aware that the world moves towards rapid voice activation, but not at the written word’s cost. Content writing remains a hot favorite amongst marketers as it is cost and time-efficient. A single 10-minute video may cost between $1500 to $100000. And the price for a well-written article? A laptop, a reliable wifi connection, and some rudimentary writing skills! Time-wise, creating a short 2-minute video might take you somewhere between 2 to 10 hours, depending on the quality. Hence, the written content is still changing marketing by being the cheapest marketing tool ever.

  • Content writing is vital for videos:

Videos might be the next best in digital marketing, but they rely on content writing for rankings. Since search engines use words to analyze content for relevance in search results, videos with written content do better than others. Youtube prefers 200 words long written summaries for SEO analysis. Creators might use online generators or make their unique content.

So no matter how good your video is, it is dependant on content writing to perform well.

  • Content writing leads to sales:

Videos might be more entertaining, but well-written content leads to sales. Viewers see videos as short and snappy introductions to products. But, they don’t make buying decisions based on videos.

Customers want detailed information on the products they’re buying. They want a saveable format they can read and analyze when making a buying decision. They turn to content writing,

such as catalogs, newsletters, and blogs. Research has proven that 84% of online buyers buy products based on what they read on blogs.

Content writing like ebooks and newsletters can generate and retain leads. Content writing also helps build mailing lists. Customers are more likely to share their email addresses in exchange for well-written content on their topic of interest. And since email marketing gives the best Return on Investment compared to other digital marketing channels, they are invaluable.

So content-writing is the best way you can convert clicks to leads.

  • Social media:

How can we ignore the most lucrative content writing option? Social media content writing is necessary for generating leads and sales. Almost all brands focus on their social media content writing. Industry giants like Netflix and Burger King have a compelling social media content writing skills, which is their secret to enduring success. Well researched social media posts lead to customer engagements. Social media content writing needs to consider the correct hashtags, images, and emojis to get the best reaction. Nowadays, relatable content writing is quite popular.

Good social media content writing means an excellent repeat customer rate and average order value.

  • Builds authority

Good content writing builds authority. Customers prefer those businesses which look knowledgable and experienced in their fields. Content writing on relevant industry topics helps with this. Guest post writing on blogs of well-known industry stars also builds authority. Answering questions on forums like Quora with detailed answers is a convenient way to use content writing to get clicks. It also raises a company’s visibility. You will also get to know about the burning questions in your industry. Another surefire way of building authority is through evergreen content. Such content remains relevant long after publication. So traffic and clicks grow over time.

Content writing is an old concept, but it is still relevant today. Ever since the 1990s, this category of work has seen an exponential rise in popularity. No business can do without content writing because it is vital for SEO boosting. However, even the most exceptional content writing can not save an organization that is unplanned and unorganized. The best step forward is to map out a good digital marketing plan and implement it on all marketing channels.